Cassy Legaspi’s White Wardrobe Pieces That We Should Cop

Cassy Legaspi’s White Wardrobe Pieces That We Should Cop


Go twinning with Cassy as she gives us the white essentials that should be a must in our personal clothing palette!

To some, wearing white can be a little intimidating. From the inclement weather to the accidental staining, it feels like the clean slate is too pristine to wear at times. However, MEGA Entertainment September 2023 cover star Cassy Legaspi is here to prove otherwise.

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cassy legaspi white outfits

In her on and off duties as one of GMA’s artists, the Eat Bulaga! host has sported pieces that truly showcase why wearing white is actually essential. While white is more high maintenance than darker shades, it is a buildable shade to every color. And if you are planning to incorporate more of this shade to your wardrobe, take some of Cassy’s cues. Opt for these essentials and for sure, they will definitely add crispness and easiness to your future looks.

Trusty sneakers

Solid and combination colorways are always appreciated, but aren’t there days that you want to tone down everything? After all, it should be comfort and confidence over pain for fashion! Today, “battered” white sneakers with the likes of Golden Goose are famous in the market. But for those like Cassy who prefer the sleek state of the footwear? That new, unblemished state also never goes out of style. 

cassy legaspi white outfits sneakers

Versatile button-down

Casual, business, formal? The button-down should really be one pull away from your closet. Think of it as your emergency contact when you’re losing your mind over what to wear again and again. Just like the 22-year-old, you can test it out on the streets and don one for your errands—or in her case, guest appearance!

cassy legaspi white outfits trousers button down

Elevated little white dress

Nothing ever beats a clean, classic ivory dress to make an understated head-turning moment at a formal event. Playing with structure through varied drapings and sleeves is one of the ways you can keep your style simple minus the too-plain effect. 

cassy legaspi white outfits little white dress

Statement sweater

Who said plain white can’t stand out? The key to adding more oomph is changing up the usual fabrics you lean towards. Of course, linen and cotton are your best bets for an effortless look. For some textured variations, why not cop Cassy’s style and try something with a little fur touch for that cozy glam effect?

cassy legaspi white outfits sweater

Easy trousers

Conscious, conscious girls are a bit wary of donning something as delicate as white bottoms, but they can breathe freshness to any outfit you decide to fashion them in. “Modern classic[s],” Cassy captioned the photo of her wearing her cropped pants, and we couldn’t agree more! 

cassy legaspi white outfits trousers

Photos: CASSY LEGASPI (via Instagram)

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