You Will Never Guess What Catriona Gray Exposed At The #MEGAMillennialBall

You Will Never Guess What Catriona Gray Exposed At The #MEGAMillennialBall


Catriona Gray goes all out with the theme “Maximum Exposure” at the #MEGAMillennialBall in the most unexpected way possible!

You would expect beauty queens to have allure, wits, and glory. But meeting Catriona Gray on the red carpet proved that there’s more to one than just grace, smarts, and prestige. It’s easy to be drawn in her presence as she exudes elegance and poise in the short amount of time we spent with her at the red carpet.

The Miss Universe Philippines 2018 title holder stunned the crowd in her sheer black dress. The embellished creation was by the genius himself, Furne One. The beauty queen was game with the questions Michelle Dee, red carpet correspondent, threw at her about the night’s theme.

What To Expose When You’re Exposing


Catriona had her own take on the theme “Maximum Exposure”, bringing us classy and strategic sultry sheer. According to the beauty queen, the theme is all about how you play on the words. “[It] doesn’t really mean that you’re gonna bare a lot.” With that, Gray decided to go for a sheer dress that cleverly shows off just the right amount of skin.

Fashion Forward Filipinos

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From values to fashion, Catriona knows exactly how to celebrate the Filipino culture in her own way. Aside from the fact that she lives by Filipino values, she also uses fashion to show how creative Filipino artists are. 

“I love celebrating our culture through fashion, especially our indigenous textiles and fabrics, and silhouettes from our inspirational figures. That’s something that I love showing the rest of the world—just how amazing and capable our artists are in the Philippines.”

Want to hear it from the beauty queen herself? Watch the video below for the exclusive #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet interview with correspondent Michelle Dee:


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