Catriona Gray Wore Gowns by Filipino Designers For Miss Universe 2023

Catriona Gray Wore Gowns by Filipino Designers For Miss Universe 2023


Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray heads back to Miss Universe as a backstage correspondent with looks designed by Filipino designers

Picking the right evening gown is not an easy task since there are plenty of factors to consider, but most importantly, it should be able to stand out amongst the others in the most elegant manner. We have seen how the trend in that segment changed over time, but it was elevated even further when Catriona Gray decided to wear a striking red piece by Mak Tumang, which was inspired by the Mayon Volcano. Now that she’s back at the most anticipated event of the year, we’re here to do a quick breakdown of her looks for the 72nd Miss Universe. 

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Gown by Anthony Ramirez

Reminiscing the winning dress

The lava dress is the evening gown that is still being referenced to this day, so you can imagine our surprise when the 29-year-old posted a photo of her in a bright red dress for the 2023 Miss Universe. Designed by Anthony Ramirez, this piece is a modern iteration of her famous lava gown. It’s done in a fitted silhouette, which hugged Catriona’s figure elegantly and it helped highlight the subtle draping fabric, as seen from the shoulder strap to the bodice—a refreshing way to achieve the wet look style. 

Catriona Gray red gown Anthony Ramirez

A red netting material was used to keep the design modern, while crystals were added to retain the pageant appeal. For some finishing touches, a pair of diamond cluster earrings were also incorporated.

Catriona Gray diamond jewelry

Back to elegance

For her second look, Catriona decided to go for a cleaner direction with a white gown designed by Jo Rubio. The bodice was done in a corset fashion that accentuated her upper body, while the draping from the hips to the legs gave an elegant touch to the design. This particular gown was definitely the perfect way to cap off her looks of the night.

Catriona Gray white dress

Photos: CATRIONA GRAY (via Instagram)

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