Catriona Gray’s 5 Unforgettable Outfits as a Pageant Host

Catriona Gray’s 5 Unforgettable Outfits as a Pageant Host


Catriona Gray is set to grace Miss Universe 2023, so we’re looking on her stylish moments as a pageants host in previous years

When it comes to hosting pageantries, there is one woman we look forward to seeing, and that is none other than Catriona Gray. The 2015 Miss Universe continues to grace everyone in the pageant world with her appearances, and this time around, she comes back to the stage in this year’s Miss Universe competition in El Salvador. But before that happens, we’re looking back on her unforgettable fashion moments as a pageant host over the past few years. 

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Charming in pink

She definitely embodied a refined alluring look because of the balance of dainty and sultry details. The custom Jaz Cerezo piece had an embellished corset bodice, while the lower half accentuated her figure because of the draping that went across her thighs. 

Catriona Gray Jaz Cerezo evening gown

Avant-garde dressing

It’s definitely refreshing to see Catriona in an outfit that is outside the usual route of evening gowns with this Jaggy Glarino design. For this piece, it was more on the artistic and sculptural side of fashion, as seen on the snakeskin pattern and the intricate details around her bust and hips. 

Jaggy Glarino design

Traditional roots

Wearing an understated piece is usually worn when another needs to stand out, and in this  case, it’s the jewelry she had on her first look at the coronation night of Bb. Pilipinas last 2022. Her black dress had a fitted finish, turtleneck, and a cut-out right by her shoulder, but it was Pintados-inspired earrings by Mjorian that truly elevated her look. 

Catriona Gray earrings

Alluring in white

Back in 2021, Catriona made an appearance in a white gown that made her look blooming in an elegant manner. Various techniques were used in the custom Jaggy Glarino piece, like the construction of the waist detailing and the bust cut-outs, but all in all, it still had a cohesive and sleek finish. 

Jaggy Glarino white

Trendsetter queen

Before Viva Magenta became a trend, the former beauty queen was already wearing the color on stage. Her Mak Tumang jumpsuit was finished in embellishments from neckline to hemline, and drapings were added on the sleeves and waist to create a lengthy train.  

Catriona Gray Mak Tumang

Photos: CATRIONA GRAY (via Instagram)

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