Catriona Gray’s New Year’s Resolution Is Everything We Need

Catriona Gray’s New Year’s Resolution Is Everything We Need


It’s that time of the year when everyone waxes nostalgic—looking back at the year that was becomes du jour. It’s that time of the year wherein our social media feeds are chock full of memories and highlights (best nines and top played artists included), and, inevitably, resolutions.

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It has become a grand tradition, a hallmark of our optimistic outlook on the infinite possibilities the new year can bring. While some of us (I pray that you’re excluded from this and if so kudos to you!) tend to regress and in the end failing to meet the goals we set for ourselves, having a resolution to guide and discipline us is still very much ideal.

Everyone has their resolutions, whether they verbalize it or not. And when I say everyone, I do mean everyone—including reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. During our exclusive digital cover shoot with the great beauty, I sat down with Catriona and asked her what her New Year’s resolutions are—if she had any. Her reply is surprisingly the resolution we all have and need.

Watch the video below:

Videography by Ian Francisco
Edited by Tanya Mallillin
Interview by RJ Roque
Clothes by Jinkie Tan

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