Power Pairings Who Served at the MEGA Ball 2024

Power Pairings Who Served at the MEGA Ball 2024


At this year’s MEGA Ball, these tandems proved that they blend well—adding zest, spice, and camaraderie to the celebration of Independence Day

When the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industry cross paths, fans swoon at their favorite personalities’ captured moments. Just as how fashion and food are interconnected as this year’s theme, here are the celebrities and beauty queens who ate and served well as MEGA Ball 2024 duos.

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Heart Evangelista and Nadine Lustre

What made this year’s MEGA Ball palatable? It’s the queen-to-queen moment between Heart Evangelista and Nadine Lustre. Their common ground? For starters, show business. But along the way, that led them to interests and advocacies that speak to their convictions. Global fashion icon Heart Evangelista, donning a black Aläia ensemble, is a staunch supporter of the arts as an artist herself. Meanwhile, Nadine Lustre, wearing a white, hand-painted Ziv Rei Alexi creation, has expressed her commitment to her advocacy on the environment with her vegan lifestyle. Proving that they share the same flavor of passion and purpose, they indeed brought Filipino pride at the occasion.

MEGA Ball 2024 Standout Pairings Nadine Lustre Heart Evangelista Tandems Duos
The two queens of the fashion and entertainment industry—Heart and Nadine

Gabbi Garcia and Bianca Umali

What speaks power more than two sang’gres in one frame? Gabbi Garcia and Bianca Umali joined forces at the MEGA Ball 2024, a duo we didn’t know we needed. Both serving looks, the two morenas whose names are renowned not just on the local stage but on the international one. Taiwan ambassador Gabbi Garcia and 2024 Jinseo International Film Festival awardee Bianca Umali breathed regal energy into the occasion with their black numbers and braided manes.

MEGA Ball 2024 Standout Pairings Gabbi Garcia Bianca Umali Tandems Duos
Sang’gres Gabbi and Bianca at the MEGA Ball 2024

Chelsea Manalo and Stacey Gabriel

What’s a festive celebration without good company? Beauty queens Chelsea Manalo and Stacey Gabriel had a fun interaction at this year’s MEGA Ball. Donning contrasting frocks like yin and yang, their shared dedication for their own causes strike a balance of pursuing progress and change into the country—Chelsea on uplifting indigenous tribes and Stacey on women and elders’ rights.

MEGA Ball 2024 Standout Pairings Chelsea Manalo and Stacey Gabriel Tandems Duos
Beauty queens Chelsea and Stacey power duo

Kyline Alcantara and Rhian Ramos

Sleek and chic in their black ensembles, Kapuso actresses Kyline Alcantara and Rhian Ramos shared yet another common denominator at the MEGA Ball 2024—donning creations by Chris Nick who interpreted the classic suit in two ways. Rhian, who recently celebrated her 18th year in the entertainment industry, wore an embellished floor length outerwear with emphasized lapels. Meanwhile, Korean Tourism Organization honorary ambassador Kyline Alcantara took on the cropped trend with her blazer and some bow appliqués.

MEGA Ball 2024 Standout Pairings Rhian Ramos and Kyline Alcantara Tandems Duos
Kapuso actresses Kyline and Rhian gracing the MEGA Ball together

Sarah Lahbati and Michelle Dee

Mark Bumgarner muses Michelle Dee and Sarah Lahbati graced this year’s ball in their two-toned numbers, sequined and beaded for a subtle standout among the guests. Perhaps their frocks in black and white also symbolize not just the dress code of the occasion, but the multiple roles the play in life. After her Miss Universe Philippines reign, Michelle is continuing her actress and ambassador duties for Autism Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, and Tourism Philippines. Sarah Lahbati, on the other hand, exercises her creative eye not just with her acting comeback, but also in fashion and interior design.

MEGA Ball 2024 Standout Pairings Michelle Dee Sarah Lahbati Tandems Duos
Kapuso artists Sarah and Michelle Dee serving royalty duo

Photographed by BELG BELGICA

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