Celebrity-Approved Holiday Activities From Nadine, Sofia, Elisse, Pia, and Heart

Celebrity-Approved Holiday Activities From Nadine, Sofia, Elisse, Pia, and Heart


Let Nadine, Sofia, Elisse, Pia, and Heart inspire you to grow with these activities that can jumpstart the new you in the new year

The last few weeks of December always become a chance for us to pause and reflect on how the year went. In the curation of New Year’s resolutions and filling up of fresh planners, we find ourselves thinking how else we can start a new year in the best way possible. While others decide on the first day, some use the remaining days to grab the chance and welcome another season by preparing for it. 

holiday activity activities flower arrangement arranging nadine lustre
Photo: ANDREI SULEIK (via Instagram)

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Whatever your agenda is, these celebrity-approved activities for the holiday season give you the chance to marry endings and beginnings in one. With that, we round up the ways you can stay productive with ideas from Nadine Lustre, Sofia Andres, Elisse Joson, Pia Wurtzbach, and Heart Evangelista. 

Arranging flowers

Are you looking for a way to activate your green thumbs without the all-exposure to the sun and getting your hands dirty? Nadine Lustre’s penchant for curating her blooms may just be for you. This nature-related activity gets your creative juices flowing, from picking flowers and mixing colors to actually assembling them in your vases. It can also be a perfect way to elevate your skills as a host for dinners and intimate parties in your home. 

Getting in the kitchen

Food is best enjoyed with the comfort of your loved ones, and it’s mostly through eating. Preparing your holiday feast with your family and friends can be an extra source of joy with more hands in the kitchen working to help one another. Just like Sofia Andres and her partner, Daniel Miranda, cooking together can strengthen your relationship as it involves patience, chemistry, and friendship to make each dish.

holiday activity activities cooking bonding sofia andres
Photo: SOFIA ANDRES (via Instagram)

Pampering yourself

As the year comes to a close, you deserve a session that refreshes you after a year of trying your best to make it. This is your sign to book a spa date with yourself or with your friends and family to welcome the year with a renewed body and mind. Take it from Elisse Joson—you really need to take a breather for all the roles that you play in your life. From a home service to a day-long staycation, it’s time for you to take your well-deserved rest. 

holiday activity activities self pamper pampering spa day elisse joson
Photo: ELISSE JOSON (via Instagram)

Writing your experiences, then reading them

Although Pia Wurtzbach’s novel, Queen of the Universe, is a fictional take to her own pageant journey, it was also a form of release for the contender who went through a lot to get to where she is now. While publishing one’s works is not everyone’s cup of tea, writing and reading can be a source of comfort for anyone. Writing about how your year went then reading all about your experiences can help you filter which activities you would want to continue, stop, or discover. Actually taking note of how this year went for you is your own way of taking accountability of how you lived through the year. 

holiday activity activities reading writing pia wurtzbach
Photo: PIA WURTZBACH (via Instagram)

Personalizing your fashion

Getting your hands dirty by personalizing your pieces will definitely make you stand out in reunions and gatherings during the holidays. From hair cuts to fashion pieces, remember that you should carry your style, and not the other way around. In Heart Evangelista’s world, Hermés handbags are nothing new. But her painted ones are a real head-turner for its design. That’s how she owns fashion, and you can do it, too. If painting is a tad intimidating for you, sticking on some bling or stitching some designs will do. 

holiday activity activities painting handbags heart evangelista
Photo: HEART EVANGELISTA (via Instagram)

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