The Ultimate Cheat Meal These Celebrities Have In Common

The Ultimate Cheat Meal These Celebrities Have In Common


Every person has one cheat meal in common: pizza. We all love that scrumptious baked good in all its greasy goodness. And our favorite celebrities are not so different from us.
Read on to see the celebrities who confessed about their ultimate cheat meals. Plus, get free stuffed crust pizza all summer long!

Chrissy Teigen
Everybody needs Chrissy Teigen on their social media feeds. She tweets about the “cleanliness of potato chips” and posts all these (sinful) goodness on Instagram.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Eating Pizza
Photo from Eyevine

J.Law‘s ultimate pizza recipe is the “Chili Pizza Sandwich”. It’s basically two slices of pizza with chili and noodles in between. Now that’s how you enjoy cheat day.

Alicia Vikander

Even Lara Croft herself can’t say no to pizza. Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander tells Glamour UK that every Sunday is “pizza day” for her while training for the role.

Jessica Biel

“I saw a Dunkin’ Donuts. I said ‘pull the car over. Pull over right now.’ We pulled over and ran in. I got 24 donuts. We went to a pizza joint, and we got two giant, large pizzas and I sat in the car and I put as much bread and dough in my mouth as I could possibly manage. It was the best moment.”

The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Pizza

Now we all want that pizza slice served hot before us and we know exactly where you can get that mouthwatering cheat meal. Stuffed crust pioneer Pizza Hut is treating us this summer to Stuff your Crust for Free!
Get that melt-in- your-mouth mozzarella stuffed on your favorite ala carte regular and large pan pizzas at no extra cost. And we got all your summer cheat days covered because the promo lasts until June 25, 2018.
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