Finsta Alert: 5 Celebrities Whose Fake Instagram Accounts Got Exposed

Finsta Alert: 5 Celebrities Whose Fake Instagram Accounts Got Exposed


These celebrities’ Finstas are not too private anymore!

Gabbi Garcia just confessed to the MEGAStyle team about her Finsta. And she’s not the only one with a Finsta. There are a lot more celebrities that have been resorting to creating secondary (or fake) Instagram accounts for a few reasons. One, it’s probably because of the privacy it offers. Celebrities also want to feel like normal human beings on social media without millions of followers to update about their daily lives. Or it could just be for the fun of it! They, too, want to get the maximum online experience.
But what are Finstas anyway? Finstas or fake Instagram accounts are simply secondary profiles people make for their inner circle. In our muggle cases, it could contain posts that you wouldn’t want your boss or family to see! There are simply a few things that we’re only comfortable sharing with a few select people. But some celebrities simply can’t get away from the public eye. Here are five celebrities whose Finstas aren’t as private as they should be:

Bella Hadid

This account wasn’t a secret, at all. Bella Hadid didn’t even try to hide her Finsta from anyone. But let’s just put it this way: Rebekka Harajuku is Bella’s cool girl alter ego (as if she couldn’t get any cooler than she already is). With the first post dated April 7 and the last dated April 20, the account contained 8 photos from Rebekka’s trip to Japan.

Demi Lovato

A post shared by @mm_82092 on

This one’s still quite a hypothesis even to fans. Many evidences point out that @mm_82092 is Demi Lovato. One of those is the fact that Demi followed the account itself. The account also only has Demi Lovato on its followings. Its display photo was also Demi’s baby picture and the username is Demi’s birthday. Will we ever know if this really is Demi?

Bella Thorne

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This other Bella also didn’t even try to keep her Finsta private. Linking it with her Rinsta, Bella has two (2) Finstas: one’s a meme-sta and the other’s just a bunch of selfies. That’s it. Next!


Finsta Lorde Onion Rings | MEGAStyle
Iconic. Lorde casually made an onion rings-reviewing account and it’s simply iconic. @onionringsworldwide will always be remembered.

Justin Bieber

Skylark Tylark doesn’t look like Justin Bieber. He is Justin Bieber. Dancing alongside Bella Thorne at Coachella and congratulating his best bud, Post Malone, for the new album are the only contents of this account. This is probably one of the most short-lived Finstas. Bieber simply wanted to make the most of Coachella without being his celebrity self!

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