Real Beauty: Instances Where Celebrities Got Real About Aging

Real Beauty: Instances Where Celebrities Got Real About Aging


Despite all the pressure and the double standard they receive from the public eye, these inspiring celebs share a refreshing take on aging.

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In a youth-obsessed culture, aging is often set in a bad narrative. Let’s change that. Aging, as we all know it, is one inevitable part of life. It can be daunting, but should nothing be discouraging. Former Allure Editor Michelle Lee once said, “Changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging.” To introduce a refreshing conversation about it, we listed down some celebrities who shared an inspiring take about growing older. 

Gwyneth Paltrow 

Goop Founder Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently turned 50, sat down with Vogue to reflect on her milestone. “We have conflated youth and beauty, and we have very little outside of that margin to explore,” Paltrow candidly shared. “Maybe it’s because I have wrinkles and I’m almost 50 years old, but I’ve really recalibrated the way that I look at that stuff.” The actress also emphasized how she refuses to compare herself to younger models, adding, “I don’t want her experience. I’ve earned my life. I’ve earned my wrinkles. I have been through so many highs and lows, and there’s a sweetness that starts to emerge from that, from having lived, from being wise, from being humble, from loving and losing, and all of this stuff.” 

Dawn Zulueta 

In 2021, Dawn Zulueta broke the Internet with an empowering post that featured her natural grey hair. “I’m going Grey on purpose,” she captioned. “No better hair colorist than Mother Nature. I am so pleased with the outcome, especially since I have cut it as short as I have always been dying to do but never could because of the demands of my work.” Zulueta also closed her statement with an inspiring phrase that writes, “Life is too short to spend another day postponing my dreams. I love my New normal and I am owning it.” 

Jamie Lee Curtis 

Hollywood’s original “Final Girl” is also vocal about the concept of aging. In an essay for the Huffington Post, the actress expressed how dismayed she is with the term “anti-aging,” promoting a more realistic conversation about it. “I am appalled that the term we use to talk about aging is ‘anti.’ Aging is as natural as a baby’s softness and scent,” she wrote. “Aging is human evolution in its pure form. Death, taxes, and aging.”

Geneva Cruz 

Geneva Cruz proved that she is unapologetic about aging. In 2021, the actress clapped back at a negative remark that targeted her age. “I’m 44 years old, but deep inside, I feel younger than those digits. Age is only a number, and you know why I look more youthful than my age? Because I choose to only wish my fellow people love and support. When someone needs uplifting, I’m all for it, I will remind that person that he or she is special. Life is too short to be remembered as someone rude and arrogant.”

Kim Cattrall

Just like her Sex and the City character Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall has a powerful statement about aging. In an Allure interview, the actress revealed that she wants people to stop telling her she looks great for her age. Instead, she wants to push for beauty no matter what someone’s age is or how they look. “Aging is going to happen, and that’s only if you’re lucky enough to live that long. I hate when they say, you look great for your age. It’s such an insult. I want ‘You look good,’ period. I’m defiant. I want to say this is what aging looks like! This is what happens!’”

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