Celebrity Halloween Beauty Looks You Can Take Inspiration From

Celebrity Halloween Beauty Looks You Can Take Inspiration From


We’ve rounded up the best celebrity Halloween beauty looks from the past year. Which of these looks are you doing for your virtual party?

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We may not be out and about this Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put on a freak face fantasy during Zoom parties. Since celebrities have a full on glam team when preparing for Halloween, maybe it’s time to take the extra hours off in the day to try and recreate these world class beauty looks. Although, if you are feeling a little creative, then you can spice up the look like pumpkin spice latte with your own artistic touch. So, without further ado, here are the celebrities who are serving you Halloween realness to the T.

Kathryn Bernardo as Poison Ivy

Halloween, Kathryn Bernardo, Beauty

Kathryn Bernardo shook the Black Magic Ball with a Poison Ivy look with leafy eyebrows. Her make-up was done by none other than Sylvina “Slo” Lopez, who is also responsible for most of the looks on this list.

Chie Filomeno as Sailor Moon

Chie Filomeno channeled Princess Serenity, A.K.A Sailor Moon for the Black Magic Ball last year. She committed to the look by wearing blue contacts and a wig. We love the glittery crescent on her forehead.

Coleen Garcia as Marie Antoinette

When we first saw these pictures last year, we had to do a double take. Is that Coleen? Achieve the Madame Déficit by carefully placing white powder as a replacement for highlight on the face using your natural skin tone as the contour.

Kim Chiu as a Mummy

Another Sylvina Lopez look for the Black Magic Ball. Kim Chiu was almost unrecognizable in a mismatch of white strips of fabric and blood. Should we call Brendan Fraser for this mummy?

Jane De Leon as Lara Croft

Jane De Leon went to the Black Magic Ball as the most badass heroine of the video game scene: Lara Croft. But what we really admired about her take was that it made dirty and sweaty look very chic.

Sarah Lahbati as an Opulent Vampire

As an homage to rumored regal vampires of 16th century France, Sarah Lahbati displays a serene demeanor as an opulent creature of the night. Who says vampires only sparkle? They can glimmer and glide, as well.

Kira Balinger as Harley Quinn

She’s not just Joker’s girlfriend. She’s The Maiden of Mischief, The Cupid of Crime, no other than Harley Quinn herself. Oh wait, that’s Kira Balinger? They did a pretty good job with that look.

Liza Soberano as Pennywise

Liza Soberano, Celebrity Halloween

Who would’ve thought that Liza Soberano would be the face of Halloween last year? We were more than surprised with her array of Halloween looks, but this one surely takes the cake. Our favorite part was that she was totally committed to that balloon.

Elisse Joson as a French Court Maiden

Elisse Joson, Celebrity Halloween

Elisse Joson’s modern take on the French Court Maiden got us reeling at every photo posted from the Opulence ball last year. If you would ask us, it was most definitely because of the perfect combinations face gems and her headdress.

Ria Atayde as Beetlejuice

Celebrity Halloween, Ria Atayde

We enjoyed Ria Atayde as Beetlejuice more than your average Joe. She brought the spirit of this crazy character to life with her wacky photos with fellow celebrities, while channeling a darker aura during photoshoots.

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