Meet Justin Soriano, Heart Evangelista’s Trusted Makeup Artist

Meet Justin Soriano, Heart Evangelista’s Trusted Makeup Artist


In this MEGA exclusive, the artist also unveiled what it’s like working with the icon, and the best beauty lesson he learned from her

In pop culture, a beauty signature is synonymous with every celebrity and personality—it’s a visual imprint. Icons like Audrey Hepburn defined her gamine look with an affair for archless brows and micro-bangs while Marilyn Monroe’s trademarked cherry red lips epitomized her bombshell appeal. A delve into the Filipino scene also unveils a lot of standout beauty moments. Case in point: Global fashion icon and tastemaker Heart Evangelista. 

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“Youthful, classic, [and] elegant,” notes celebrity makeup artist Justin Soriano when asked to describe Heart’s look. It’s undeniable that the star has mastered her beauty format, but behind her seamless makeup is her trusted pro. With this in mind, we are giving light to one of the industry’s promising artists to share his beauty story and what it’s like working with client-turned-friend, Heart Evangelista. 

Naming the artist

“I’m a registered nurse and a licensed professional teacher before I became a makeup artist and photographer,” he began. Following an impressive background, Justin Soriano made a name for himself in the industry as one of its best talents. However, his success didn’t happen overnight. He shared that he began his career as a guest artist for a global brand. “I worked with NARS Cosmetics as a guest artist. Working with the brand at that time meant working under Rustans Commercial Corporation.” 

Over the years, Justin continued to strive to earn his status as a guest artist to Heart’s go-to. He became the star’s top choice for her everyday glam, projects, and even her beauty looks at this year’s fashion week. However, he proves that he is one creative force as he also taps into photography. A look into his portfolio unveils photographs of global icons like Anna Wintour, Bella Hadid, and Emma Watson. 

On his experience working with Heart

“Heart’s easy to work with. [She’s] funny and creative.” Justin easily described how it is working with the tastemaker, but as we continued to chat, he also looked back on their first encounter. “I met her during SSI’s 30th anniversary,” he shared. “I didn’t do her makeup that time because she came in made up.” 

However, over the course of time, his friendship with Heart flourished. “It was [during the] pandemic when we became so close. Understanding her vision made it easy for me to work with her.” 

A beauty lesson from Heart

As mentioned in a previously-released article, a beauty story might be worth telling, but a beauty lesson is one thing that is worthy to pass on. And while Justin is already a pro in his field, he always carries the beauty lessons he learned from Heart herself. “Don’t use foundation so the skin can breathe and be seen. Never ever tug the skin, [and] hydrate as much as you can.”

A list of his favorite things

The beauty chat wouldn’t be complete without asking the artist about the non-negotiable products that he loves using on Heart. “For the base, it’s Stila’s Color Corrector Powder and Naturactor Concealer,” he shared. Justin also unveiled that he admires using the cult-favorite K-Palette Pen for the icon’s brows. A Benefit Eyeliner and MAC Contour Palette are also a staple in his kit, but a standout includes Heart’s signature blush color: “It’s [the] NARS Blush in Deep Throat.”

Take it from the pro

It’s only given to complete the beauty conversation with a piece of beauty advice. As we closed our chat, Justin shared the secret behind Heart’s signature look. “Hydrate, sleep well—everything starts inside.” The pro encourages beauty fans that taking care of oneself is the best secret to every healthy look. And while makeup can only do much, he also reminded everyone to look after the skin. “Exfoliate, moisturize, and never forget to wear sunblock.” 

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