Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Summer Makeup Tips

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Summer Makeup Tips


Get the star treatment by following these celebrity makeup artists’ summer makeup tips for your next beach trip or for your Zoom meeting.

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Raise your hand if your makeup has been a victim of the Philippines’ hot weather conditions during the summer. We see you and we feel for you, ladies. We all have our fair share of makeup mishaps during the summer. Whether it’s raccoon eyes, patchy foundation, or lipstick mishaps, there’s one thing we know for sure—makeup and summer don’t really go well together. It takes a real expert to create a beauty look that could withstand the sun, sweat, and sand. Despite this, we still believe there is a way to perfect the hot girl summer makeup look and we’re not going to stop till we find out how. That’s why we’ve contacted the experts to get to the bottom of all this. Here’s what they have to say about packing on the rouge during summer.

Robbie Pinera
Star Client: Anne Curtis

beauty, concealer, foundation, liquid, powder, shimmer, eyes, makeup

Translucent, Minimal, and Fresh
“Summertime is all about the sun, heat, and not to mention sweat! So, use products that are not heavy or full coverage. For the face, try dabbing your favorite concealer in areas you want to cover. After which, use face powder to set. Keeping it minimal will definitely avoid a cakey makeup situation. For the lips, try to use lip liners to line and shape your lips, then softly smudge the color all over. Top it off with your favorite tinted lip balm. The liner will give a lasting hold and will help your lip balm from slipping off.” – Robbie Pinera

Jelly Eugenio
Star Client: Nadine Lustre

beauty, concealer, foundation, liquid, powder, shimmer, eyes, makeup

Waterproof Is The Way To Go
“Choose tints and waterproof products for a longer wear and don’t forget sun protection.” – Jelly Eugenio

Anton Patdu

Star Client: Claudia Barretto

beauty, concealer, foundation, liquid, powder, shimmer, eyes, makeup

Shimmer For The Summer
“You can never go wrong with gold hues during summer, especially these days when we are always wearing a mask. Focusing on the eyes would be the best thing to do. Maybe put a little bit of sparkle on your lids in hues of gold and bronze. It will give you that summer beach glow even if you’re just at home. A little tip is do not get scared of putting shimmer on the lower lids, as the shine can automatically brighten up your eye sans the mascara.” – Anton Patdu

Owen Sarmiento
Star Client: Maymay Entrata

Let Your Skin Breathe
“After doing your skincare routine and slathering on sunscreen, do not apply foundation anymore. This will ensure that your makeup will not melt down and transfer to your mask when you perspire. Summer is always about letting your skin breath. And, skipping your foundation will help you do that. Also, if you are worried about the white cast of your sunscreen, then just use your powder bronzer to balance out the color or a deeper color of your translucent loose powder. Apply only when it is necessary.” – Owen Sarmiento

Albert Kurniawan
Star Client: Heart Evangelista

Stop With The Liquids
“As a makeup artist, summer in the Philippines is very humid and very hot. What I always keep in mind during this time is to stop layering on so many products. Our skin tends to be more sensitive during the summer. Also, we perspire faster and we produce an excessive amount of oil and sebum. Avoid layering of products, especially liquids. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, then you would know how I feel about using liquid products in the Philippines. If I could skip all the liquids, I would. During the summer, powder is the more reliable product. After the skin has already produced oil, it will set and blend evenly. It will also look more natural. If you really have to, it’s okay to use liquids and creams as long as you set it with powder.” –Albert Kurniawan

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