#MomBod: Celebrity Moms Who Prove That Mom Bodies Are Hot Bodies

#MomBod: Celebrity Moms Who Prove That Mom Bodies Are Hot Bodies


#MomBod and proud!

With the summer heating up the season (and everyone’s homes), it’s high time we realize that all bodies are bikini bodies—and that includes the #mombods who’ve selflessly given birth and can still undoubtedly rock a summer ‘fit.

We’ve rounded up some of the hottest celeb moms in the country who are absolute stunners.

Ellen Adarna

Who better than the woman who started the hashtag herself? Ellen rocked Instagram when she shared this photo with the simple but powerful hashtag #mombod. Not one to shy away from sharing beach photos with son Elias, Ellen keeps herself fit by boxing on the regular.

Derek Ramsey also joined in the risque trend by posting a shower photo of himself on Instagram. Talk about a mom and dad fitspiration!

Sofia Andres

“You are what you eat.”

This 22-year-old mommy of one keeps her healthy and vibrant by eating well and regularly exercising. Sofia is also a strong advocate of switching up her workout routine, as she once shared that she does cycling, yoga, and running to maintain her physique after giving birth to daughter Zoe.

Ina Raymundo

Taking the term “sexy momma” to a whole new level, Ina Raymundo has been consistently showcasing her toned body throughout the years. The 45-year-old mom of 4 keeps it together by working out five times a week, never skipping meals, and keeping her meals to a healthy 1,500 calorie count. Talk about dedication!

Solenn Heussaff

With baby Thylane being delivered via C-section, it took Solenn some time to get her core together and be mentally prepared for regular workouts. Luckily, she recommends breathing exercises for moms to keep their bodies healthy while recovering.

Solenn also stresses the importance of knowing that bodies will change after pregnancy—and that’s perfectly alright.

“Women that go through pregnancy go through a lot, yes. They don’t sleep, your body wholly changes, your boobs sag, your nipples change, some nipples become as big as a coaster for your beer.”

Iya Villana

Another hot momma that consistently bounces back is none other than Iya Villania-Arellano! Through her exercise regimen and healthy dishes, this reporter and actress even safely worked out while 8 months pregnant.

Saab Magalona

The young mommy of two adorable boys, Vito and Pancho, only started religiously working out amid the pandemic, and the results are clear.

Her progress videos with her online coaches is alsoone to watch out for if want a helping hand in working out at home!

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