Celebs Who’ve Opted For Life In The Province

Celebs Who’ve Opted For Life In The Province


Dreaming of a life outside the Metro? You can look to these celebs for inspo on how to transition and live a provincial life.  

It’s not an unpopular opinion to want to have a permanent holiday away from the bustling region of Metropolitan Manila. Perhaps amongst the biggest contributors as to why moving out of here is so ideal is because it is the second most populated region in the Philippines. On top of this, it’s also the 5th most populous urban area in the world. Yup, we’re definitely on the heavy side over here. 

Many have chosen to stay within NCR simply because, in reality, there are more opportunities to create a living here. However off-putting and sad that actuality sounds, it’s the hard truth. Celebrities are prone to this circumstance too. Living within the Metro means being able to easily travel from one engagement to another. 

As per the past years though, there are some celebs who’ve chosen the road less traveled (quite literally too, if you think about it) and have traded the city life for a more recluse and laid back setting in the province. 

Mikael Diaz and Megan Young 

The pair announced their official plans to move to Subic in their podcast, #BehindRelationshipGoals in December 2020. 

In the same episode called “Goodbye Manila!”, both expressed their plans for when they’ve finally settled down. A regular exercise regimen for Diaz and for the other, catching up on quality gaming time. Subic being Young’s hometown meant also a greater sense of home for the 2013 Miss Earth beauty queen. She was thoroughly excited about her sister’s, Lauren, and mom’s home cooked meals. 

It’s good to note though that the move was no easy feat for the married couple. It meant big changes in terms of producing their online content and frankly more hassle in terms of logistics. For this very reason, it took around two to three months to transform their space into a more conducive area. 

Andi Eigenmann

Andi is one of the OG celebs who has transitioned to provincial life for a while now. Before moving to her now-home in Siargao, she was once situated in Aurora, Baler. What pushed her to move out initially was that being an actress was no longer serving her purpose and joy. 

In one of her interviews during the premier of her movie, “The Maid in London”, she shared about her permanent move to Baler, “…This is where I see my life. It’s my dream, but then naisip ko I don’t have to wait for so long, I don’t have to wait ‘til I’m old to do this. Pwede ko ‘tong ibigay sa sarili ko ngayon.” 

Currently in Siargao with her fiancé, Philmar Alipayo, and three kids, the actress constantly receives praise for how happy she looks. For her care-free aura, she thanks the simplicity of life on the island. In one of her viral vlogs, she was even able to showcase what true uncomplicated living looks like in the recluse proverbial hills. 

Andi candidly admitted though that island life isn’t always easy-going. She put out a reality check for everyone who desired this kind of life—the truth of the matter is that transitioning to a province set-up takes time to adjust to. Despite it seemingly being all sunshine and fun, it has its ups and downs. 

Joyce Pring and Juancho Trivino 

In November of 2020, the married couple called Laguna their new hometown. 

Pring, in an interview, raved all about now being able to enjoy the little things she wasn’t able to experience when they were still residing in their tiny condo in Makati. She loved being able to catch the sights of the lush trees and listening to nature’s hymns—birds tweeting and crickets chirping. The new mom also adored the silence the province comes with. She shared how their grand move is truly a big step and an upgrade in terms of quality life. 

Piolo Pascual

Like many others, Pascual headed to the province, Batangas specifically, once COVID-19 hit. For the renowned actor, moving back was a silver lining amidst the dark looming pandemic. 

A respite from all the busyness urban living was jam-packed with, the 44-year-old extolled the beautiful scenery of the beach and the mountains he wakes and hikes up to everyday. In a vlog with Dr. Vicki Belo and her husband, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr., Pascual shared that what he adored most about provincial life is how simple it is. “It’s so quiet, so serene and so basic.” 

The actor also beamed when sharing about how privacy is no issue in this type of set-up. “You don’t have to lock yourself in a room to have your privacy. Here, you have it. I have areas where I can have quiet moments, my quiet time. I sleep out in the open. I sleep here on the deck. I just wanted something private.

Nadine Lustre 

Like the previous celebs who are now proudly living the provincial life, all Lustre could rave about becoming a certified island person is how painless and uncomplicated living is. She grabbed her daily grub from carinderias, enjoyed nature relentlessly and felt at peace with respectful locals who gave her space to be herself.

A self-professed lover of nature, she’s always desired to live near the shores or mountains. Eventually this came to fruition after settling down in her very own place in Siargao after merely two months since arriving on the island. 

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Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@nadine)

She shared in Dr. Aivee Teo’s vlog that life back in Manila was difficult and complicated. Lustre expressed how a heavy burden has somewhat been lifted off of her and that now, she feels more grounded and connected. Along with these came a changed perspective and a “less is more approach” to life for the 28 year old. 

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