Celeste Cortesi Ends Her Journey as Miss Universe Philippines

Celeste Cortesi Ends Her Journey as Miss Universe Philippines


Celeste cuts her trip to the universe short after the Top 16 declaration at the 71st Miss Universe

After 12 years, Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi marks a new beginning for Philippine pageant history after the Top 16 announcement in the competition. The delegates from these countries will carry on to bring the crown to their homeland: Puerto Rico, Haiti, Australia, Dominican Republic, Laos, South Africa, Portugal, Canada, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao, India, Venezuela, Spain, USA, and Colombia. 

The recap

The swimwear portion of the preliminary competition incorporated the ladies’ use of a cape to help tell each of their stories. For Celeste, her handprinted cape is a reminder to go beyond personal agenda, to find a deeper purpose in life. With this, she had the children from Marawi in mind. 

She further elevated the idea of a helping hand by paying homage to one of our country’s superheroes, Darna. Leaving the tame terno behind, Celeste wore a red and gold piece with sunray-like wings for her national costume.

Meanwhile, she donned a sky blue Oliver Tolentino creation for the evening wear segment. Slitted and embellished, the gown could easily overwhelm its wearer. Celeste, however, knew how to manage that by ensuring that it was her poise and elegance that made the difference. 

Her journey to the universe might have already ended before the competition did today, but Celeste still represented our country with so much pride and grace, and we are still very proud of her journey as Miss Universe Philippines 2022.


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