Celeste Cortesi Gets Ready for the MEGA Ball with a Heavenly Look

Celeste Cortesi Gets Ready for the MEGA Ball with a Heavenly Look


In her first ever MEGA Ball, Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi prepares for the enchanting fusion of fashion and art with a glowing touch of Fairy Skin

The 12th of June marks the long-awaited day for Filipino talents and creatives as this year’s MEGA Ball continues to soar higher with purposeful work, passionate minds, and artistic and mindful freedom. The ball reaffirms a vision of paying homage to Filipino culture and heritage while also recognizing the changing dynamics of society. For Celeste Cortesi, it’s proudly representing the Philippines and further delving into the country’s culture and history even after the Miss Universe competition.

With this celestial queen’s continuous exploration of her Filipina identity, she joins this year’s matrimony of art and fashion at The Peninsula Manila Hotel.

Getting ready 

Celeste Cortesi MEGA Ball
Celeste Cortesi donning an Anthony Ramirez sequined black gown

As the Philippines is widely considered a beauty-pageant powerhouse, beauty queens often face multilayers of scrutiny, so it’s no secret that preparation is one of the key factors to proving themselves worthy of the crown.

Like the platforms and stages Celeste had shown up on, she also took the time to consider her overall appearance with great respect to this year’s theme. As transformative art plays a role in this significant event, she opened her hotel room door and invited us to get ready with her.“So I’m preparing for the MEGA Ball by watching what I eat and working out. And of course I always make sure that my skin looks healthy and well-rested.”

Inside, we got a closer look at the celestial beauty’s shoes, bag, and accessories. But before Celeste gets glammed up, she ensures that her skin has the love and care it deserves with a touch of fairy dust from Fairy Skin’s premium skincare products. After all, with great skin comes a much more powerful confidence boost that pushes you to inspire and be inspired. 

Fairy Skin has a less-is-more approach with only a two-step routine that gently exfoliates and healthily protects the skin barrier from harmful UV rays & sun damage. For Celeste, the Premium Brightening Facial Foam and Premium Brightening Sunscreen are her go-to products for that minimalist take.

The Premium Duo

The Fairy Skin Premium Duo: Premium Brightening Facial Foam and Premium Brightening Sunscreen
The Fairy Skin Premium Duo: Premium Brightening Facial Foam and Premium Brightening Sunscreen

In the beauty queen’s Reel, she applies two pumps of the Premium Brightening Facial Foam. This gentle cleanser targets dullness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Containing brightening and moisturizing actives, it washes away impurities such as oil and pore-deep dirt, giving her skin a healthier look and feel. 

“It’s important that we use the right products,” she explained, while plumping her skin with Fairy Skin essentials.

With papaya extract being the its key ingredient, this cleanser helps brighten dark spots and prevents acne from forming. There’s no peeling effect, and it is non-stripping and non-drying, perfect as a maintenance skincare set. 

Next is the Premium Brightening Sunscreen with anti-aging properties. Not only does it provide sun protection for Celeste, but it also floods her skin with intense hydration. Aside from its four UV filters, it now contains Centella asiatica and licorice root extract to help brighten dark spots and soothe skin.

As sun care and primer all in one, this sunscreen is an excellent make-up base. Non-sticky and non-greasy, this lightweight product has an instant glowing tone-up finish. With these two premier skin care products in the hands of Celeste, she brings her magical charm to the ball. 

“So with this year’s theme, I really wanted to explore something unconventional and new with my designer Anthony Ramirez,” the queen imparted, looking refreshed after finishing her skincare routine. “We did a lot of fittings so I’m excited to share this creation tonight.”

The Anthony Ramirez classic black evening gown provided Celeste a new perspective on style and design that she was going for. With excitement, she finished her look with jeweled rings and a silver, glittering purse. Tonight, she’s more than ready to be part of a beautiful evening. 

Feel like a queen and find the skin minimalist routine by visiting Fairy Skin’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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