Chairman of Disney Parks Unveils a “Real” Lightsaber at SXSW

Chairman of Disney Parks Unveils a “Real” Lightsaber at SXSW


Chairman of the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Josh D’Amaro showed off a “real” lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise during his presentation at the SXSW Festival

Who has not dreamed of getting their hands on a real-life lightsaber? Regardless of age or interest in Star Wars, everyone has probably dreamed of holding this iconic movie prop at some point. Since then, there has been a growing desire for a lightsaber replica that comes as near as possible to the original. Although there are already plastic light-up tubes available, fans are looking for the most authentic experience from the Star Wars universe. That’s why it was such thrilling news when Walt Disney Imagineering revealed at the SXSW Festival that they had successfully created the most accurate copy of a lightsaber to date.

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Walt Disney Imagineering at SXSW Festival
Photo Credit: @adamkissick (via Instagram)

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products chief Josh D’Amaro offered the greatest look yet at the lightsaber design by Walt Disney Imagineering during his SXSW presentation. After he pressed a button, a realistic blue lightsaber blade suddenly appeared, just like in the movies. The chairman also boasted to the crowd “I have the coolest job in the world.”

Walt Disney Imagineering at SXSW Festival showing lightsaber
Photo Credit: @disneyparks (via Instagram)

D’Amaro also asked the R&D for Disney Imagineering Leslie Evans on stage to talk about the process of creating this lightsaber replica. “This was a hard project. This was not easy,” said Evans. She mentioned that the primary objective of their team was to create film-like moments in the real world. 

Of course, some fans were quite dissatisfied after seeing it. Some have complained that the blade is too short and the hilt is too big. Furthermore, some people think they won’t be able to use it since it seems too flimsy. Nonetheless, the cutting-edge technology itself is truly remarkable. Whether or not it lived up to everyone’s expectations, this is likely only the beginning, and the next generation of Star Wars fans has every reason to be thrilled about what’s to come.

Disney's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel
Photo Credit: @esahin1923 (via Instagram)

Although there is still no confirmation whether this lightsaber will be made available to the general public, D’Amaro has announced that it will be included in Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser experience as a way to recognize the power of storytelling. Launched at Disney World Florida last year, the Disney Galactic Starcruiser offers an interactive hotel experience.

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