Channel The Beauty Of Nature With Tim Tam Ong’s Jewelry Collection

Channel The Beauty Of Nature With Tim Tam Ong’s Jewelry Collection


Capture everyone’s attention this Christmas with intricately designed jewelry by Tim Tam Ong.

When dressing up calls for a little more sparkle, jewelry is undoubtedly the way to go. It never fails to effortlessly elevate one’s look to the next level. But as there is a lot of possible jewelry to wear—from diamonds, gold, and pearls—how can one stand out? Crafting a collection that seamlessly marries the inspiration of nature with the allure of accessorizing, jewelry designer Tim Tam Ong shows us the best way to bedazzle everyone during the holidays. 

Introducing her latest collection of necklaces and earrings titled, “Flights of Fancy,” the designer created wearable statement jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones from around the world. Each piece in the collection was inspired by the beauty and movement of winged creatures.

From birds, bees, butterflies, and dragonflies, these creatures have long been objects of fascination for jewelers, probably because of their stunning movement and raw beauty. So, it’s only fitting for her holiday collection to be just intricate, sculptural, and dazzling all at the same time.

According to Tim Tam, “I made it a point to make sure movement is implied in every piece. Everything from the wings to the petals, to the way they interact with each, suggests movement and energy. Add to that the way the stones sparkle when the light hits, and you have a wonderful interaction of elements that bring the pieces to life.”

As Flights of Fancy is a shimmering ode written in rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts, each piece is able to capture the festive nature of the holidays through color, shine, and larger-than-life design. There is a golden peacock with a brilliant blue sapphire body complemented by a train embellished with semi-precious stones. Another is an octagon-cut emerald that became the object of desire of bejeweled bees, then there’s also a dragonfly attached to a dazzling amethyst. 

Overall, each sculptural piece has been designed to evoke movement and mimic the textures of nature. But if there’s really one thing that every jewelry-lover would rejoice, it’s going to be the versatility of each piece, because, the whole collection is made up of detachable pieces that can be worn separately and can be mixed and matched.

Tim Tam Ong’s “Flights of Fancy” holiday collection is available at her boutiques in Power Plant Mall and LRI Design Plaza, Makati City. Follow her on Instagram @TimTamOngPage for more updates. 

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