Charging Up the MEGA Ball with SB19, G22, and Acer Philippines

Charging Up the MEGA Ball with SB19, G22, and Acer Philippines


Acer Philippines cooked up a special treat for P-Pop fans, paving the way for SB19 and G22’s performances at the MEGA Ball 2024.

At its core, MEGA Ball has always been rooted in honoring Filipinos’ vibrant artistry. Aside from the scrumptious food and iconic fashion, the Philippines’ music scene is certainly a solid mark of Filipino talent. This is especially apparent in the abundance of artists effortlessly carving a space for themselves in the local and international space.

With this, Acer Philippines charged up this year’s MEGA Ball by bringing in some of the country’s most iconic Filipino pop groups on stage. Leading the performances for the night, brand ambassadors SB19 and G22 certainly devoured the stage with their powerful presence.

g22 at the mega ball
Alfea, AJ, and Jaz make their debut at the MEGA Ball.

A Sweet Introduction

Shangri-la The Fort was buzzing with chatter as guests anticipated the start of the event. The stage came alive in a blink as Acer Philippines presented the first performance. Up-and-coming girl group G22 kicks off the evening with a chilling opening number that marked their debut at the MEGA Ball.

acer brand ambassador g22 at the mega ball
G22’s opening act for the MEGA Ball.

Known for their catchy songs about youth and relationships, the girl group showed how nuanced their singing abilities can be. Dressed in white ensembles that captured their unique personalities, members AJ, Alfea, and Jaz looked ethereal as they serenaded the guests with their rendition of “Pinoy Ako” by Orange and Lemons. The slowed-down take on Pinoy Big Brother’s theme song made quite an impression, amping up feelings of nostalgia. Guests were all in awe of the trio’s vocal prowess and unparalleled style, which certainly stood out on stage. 

Since their debut in 2022, the group has broken down boundaries in what they could do. From iconic music videos to hits like ‘One Sided Love,’ the Acer ambassadors are making a name for themselves. Their partnership with Acer has only opened more opportunities for the group. With their iconic MEGA Ball debut, guests and fans alike now crave more content from the group.

acer presents sb19 at the mega ball
SB19 wraps up the event with a heartwarming performance.

An End to Remember

MEGA Ball, which takes place on Independence Day, is all about creative liberation. Similarly, Acer Philippines continuously breaks limits and paves the way for a better future. In celebration of the spirit of both brands, what better way to end the night than with a groundbreaking performance from the countries’ Kings of P-Pop, SB19?

From dominating local charts, SB19 is currently making waves in the global scene. Beyond their vocal prowess, which evokes emotions from listeners, the group also embodies patriotism. In 2021, they were appointed Youth Ambassadors of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). 

acer brand ambassadors sb19 on stage
SB19 performs a mashup of O Bayan Ko and Lupang Hinirang.

As Acer Philippines called on the group to perform, members Josh, Stell, Pablo, Ken, and Justin made a dramatic entrance from the back of the venue. The five were quick to turn heads, wearing a blend of streetwear and traditional barong elements from designer Jor-el Espina. As they made their way on stage, the group serenaded the guests with a rendition of Ryan Cayabyab’s O Bayan Ko. In an unexpected twist, they also mashed up the song with Lupang Hinirang.

Joining the boy group were acclaimed chorale organizations Los Cantantes, Kammerchor, The Philippine Meistersingers, and musical director and composer Rony Fortich. The combined talents of these musicians led to a haunting and touching performance that exuded patriotism.

Various chorales, including Los Cantantes, Kammerchor, and The Philippine Meistersingers, join SB19 on stage.

With this, Acer Philippines brand ambassadors SB19 and G22 go beyond taking every stage by storm. Just as Acer is taking charge of the future, these groups are seizing their identities, as reflected in their artistry. 

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