All the Different Ways to Wear Charms and Personalize Your Look

All the Different Ways to Wear Charms and Personalize Your Look


Nifty little accessories and decorations can take your fit up a notch. Here are some charms you can add to your look that can go a long way

Eccentric pieces, delicate and sparkling statements are some charms that can freshen up your favorite classic shades, bags, or jewelry. Those fashionable, well-made, and functional items can go well with anything, but there are times when you want to add a little more flair. An accessory, some new chain, or a tassel can add a lot of style. There are subtle logo pieces, cute decorative touches, and even delicate jewel embellishments to elevate your look.

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Sunglasses Charms

Get a sparkly accessory in a stars adorned with pink pearl drops

Just in time—Gentle Monster and BLACKPINK’s Jennie bring their awaited third collaboration project called JENTLE SALON to the Philippines from May 1 to June 30 through pop-up stores located nationwide. This eyewear collection is embellished with stunning charm designs that promote a diverse expression of style. Make your shades brand new once more and add these little beauties of bows, teddy bears, and stars, making you a unique and fashionable wearer.

Jennie’s imaginary friends as an iconic charm is an adorable capybara-shaped accessory

Bag Charms

Hang a charm to add an edge or personality to any bag you own. With a million distinct accessories brimming with personality, you may personalize your basic black handbag in a million different ways with bag charms. If you get sick of it, change it. These adorable charmers are perfect for adding some flair to your ordinary bag, and can even function as a keychain for people who value functionality. 

This subtle yet radiant rose gold keychain will give your favorite bags and wallets a touch of feminine charm. The floating locket, adorned with mini gems inside, creates a mesmerizing effect
The key design in the pink adds a delicate and soft flair to your bag. Fastens with a heart shaped push-clasp closure.

Charles & Keith offers a range of heart keychains that come in different colors and designs. Choose one that suits your style best and is able to express your personality. Things Remembered, a local brand that provides bespoke gifts, also has a broad selection of quintessential bag charms you can add to elevate your look. From animals to mini purses,  choose a standout attachment, a go-to for your everyday bag.

Bracelet Charms

Choose among an array of designs befitting you and your style

It may be tiny, but it sure packs a punch. Pandora’s handmade accessories finished from sterling silver and gold-plated unique metal blend and Rose and Murano glass, are eccentric and fashionable statement pieces to decorate your jewelry with. Celebrate momentous occasions with a graduation or a soon-to-be-mom gift, or get a cherry or a rose for yourself to add a silver touch or a pop color, or even a dangling Marvel character.

Have a celebration of momentous occasions with a graduation charm for your school completer

Phone Charms

Add some flair to your phones with these colorful, cute designs from

Phone charms are objectively great fun to make your device stand out and to add a bit of character. From cute animals and cartoon characters to shiny gemstones and glittery baubles, there’s something bound to catch your eye that you can attach to your phone. These small accessories come in a variety of designs, functionality, colors, and themes that you can purchase at Casetify.

Have a touch of BLACKPINK on your phone
For the girly girls, Casetify has a Barbie-themed phone charm for your pink case also offers a selection of affordable Gen Z trendy phone charms that you can use to further express your individuality with our daily companion, our phones.

Shoe Charms

Cop these Can’t Buy Me Stars’ shoes with Crocs’ Jibbitz charms and personalize them with different designs!

The Can’t Buy Me Love cast gets matching shoes with personalized charms in reference to their character

Adorn your Crocs with these charming decorations, adding a playful touch to your footwear. Choose among packs of cartoons or snacks, basketball teams, letters, and other graphics to completely customize your shoe.

Pringles-themed Jibbitz pack
Peanuts-themed Jibbitz pack

Photos and Featured Image: GENTLE MONSTER, CHARLES & KEITH, PANDORA, CASETIFY, CROCS (Via Website), BEADETZZ.PH (Via Instagram)

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