Chelsey Singson on How She Manages Being a Mom-preneur

Chelsey Singson on How She Manages Being a Mom-preneur


Chelsey Singson

Despite her busy schedule, this mompreneur eagerly shares to us her thoughts about time management, how to relieve stress, and how to manage finances à la Chelsey Singson.

Being a mom is considered a full-time job. But what more if you also have a business to run? Welcome to the life of Chelsey Singson. She’s an entrepreneur, influencer, and more importantly, a mom. She must be a mistress of time management to handle all of these. And yet she can maintain her cool mom aura wherever she goes.


Chelsey Singson, the daughter of former Ilocos Sur governor and businessman Chavit Singson, owns and manages not just one but two enterprises. Surprisingly, her line of business is far from the stunning, wealthy, and lovely persona she shows to the public. Chelsey is a proud owner of GoSport Philippines and Empower Training Center.


GoSport Philippines is a sports retail store originated from France that carries a lot of top sports apparel brands. It consists of clothing apparel for sports and equipment located in Festival Mall, Alabang. On the other hand, she is also the founder of Empower Training Center, an MMA gym and circuit gym that focuses on Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, boxing and High Intensity Training, which she manages full time. 


Empower Training Center isn’t your ordinary gym though. “Our main selling point is children’s classes. We have Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai for kids. We segregate them by age group for safety purposes,” Chelsey claims. But there’s a reason behind the gym’s unique marketing strategy and it is not solely for money.


“…we want to encourage parents to give their children more opportunities for after-school activities other than just basketball or swimming. We want to teach them Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu because we believe it teaches them discipline, sportsmanship, and humility. It’s not just for the physical development. But it also mentally prepares them, makes them tougher,” Chelsey shares. She even allowed her son, Mateo, to learn Muay Thai, a discipline that can accommodate four-year olds.


Chelsey is aware of her numerous responsibilities and it needs serious time management skills to do all of these. It’s not a problem for this super mom though. She tells us a tried and tested technique on how she effectively manage her time. “I manage my time by organizing my day. But first, I plan ahead. So, I set goals, what I need to do today, what I need to finish then I prioritize them. What’s important is that you have to keep track of the time because it’s very difficult to plan things here in Manila. There are so many delays because of the traffic. You have to set a contingency plan for that.”


Chelsey makes sure she doesn’t burn the candle at both ends every day. “To relieve my stress I spend  some time alone. I go out with my family. We go to the mall, we hangout there, we eat dinner. Or when we have free time over the weekend,  we plan out-of-town trips somewhere nearby Batangas or Tagaytay just to get away from the city.”


But if you ask her recommended stress reliever, she will answer working out in a heartbeat. “I also workout. I do Muay Thai and boxing. This really helps me because I feel good afterwards, you feel good about yourself, you feel confident about yourself. You take out all your stress, it is a really good stress reliever.”


It’s really challenging to balance work, family and leisure as there are many things she needs to consider as a working mom. However, for Chelsey, the most stressful part is handling the expenses. “I have to manage the business expenses, my personal expenses, and my son’s expenses. There have been times I would have to go to the bank back and forth just to make deposits or withdrawals. So it’s really time-consuming. I also have emergency payments.”


This is why she has a credit card that is really handy. She uses it for shopping, traveling, work, and dining out. “It’s perfect for me because I’m such a busy person. I am always on-the-go. I’m actually one of those people that don’t like doing nothing, I want to be productive the whole day. So having a credit card, it saves so much time, you don’t have to go to banks back and forth, or withdraw cash from ATM. So it’s very convenient for me.”


For the sake of convenience or productivity, Chelsey employs techniques such as planning ahead of time and using a credit card. So that she can still spend time with her only son, Mateo, and to unwind.

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