Modern Edge: Chris Nick Champions a New Line of Classics at the LAFW

Modern Edge: Chris Nick Champions a New Line of Classics at the LAFW


A runway breakdown of Chris Nick’s newest collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Class and elegance—two characteristics that can describe the identity of Chris Nick as a designer. Never one to stray away from his artistry, he continues to create pieces that have an understated elegance. And as he premiered his collection at the Los Angeles Fashion Week, we are then introduced to a new line of pieces that resonates the identity of Chris Nick.

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For his first ever global presentation, Chris Nick envisioned a collection that embraces his brand, where pieces do not outshine the wearer, but instead, a relationship between the two that would exude a sense of coolness and charm.

He adds, “One must adapt to the times, especially in fashion. Although trends are important, I am a firm believer of the power of understated elegance. Where clothes never wears the wearer, it’s harder to pull off looks that way in my opinion—you need a certain attitude and persona to do it right.”

A line of black ensembles with a minimalist and edgy stylistic approach was then showcased. It was the collection Chris resonated with the most—a representation of who he is as a designer and a wearer. 

An undeniable simplicity that radiated such coolness, elegance, and sensuality reigned in his collection. New interpretations of the tuxedo, a favorite article of Chris Nick, was even explored. Bows, structured silhouettes, and boxy shoulders were also scattered across the line. 

“I wanted it to reflect me as a person in real life as well. When I design, I design pieces that I would wear myself. After all, there’s no one else better to represent your brand than you.”

Chris Nick

Images courtesy of DION TRINIDAD

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