Chris Nick Embraces the Allure of Casuals in His New Collection

Chris Nick Embraces the Allure of Casuals in His New Collection


In an exclusive interview with MEGA, Chris Nick walked us through his first denim collection and the concept behind the design

At first glance, one can immediately spot if a piece was designed by Chris Nick. It’s his affinity for all things classy and elegant, which is balanced by juxtaposed executions. Sultry yet sophisticated? He’s got it down to the tee. Feminine yet structured? It’s safe to say that he has perfected the formula for this combination for any type of occasion. But before he showcases his new collection in Bench Fashion Week, we sat down with him to discuss the latest chapter of his brand and what we should expect on the runway.

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Back to the start

The designer has always been a lover of the 70s, and this is very much evident in the designer’s personal sense of style that consists of the classics that are styled in a sexy manner. So when asked about the inspiration behind his new collection, he shared, “My love for denim, the 70s, and rock ‘n’ roll were huge elements in this collection—all of which I’ve had a connection with ever since I was young.” 

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New phases

In a sense, this is familiar territory since he’s got a collection of denims in his closet, but we’re only seeing it now infused in his designs. Despite the new material of his pieces, he was able to keep his design identity intact—silhouettes were kept sleek yet feminine through the use of cropped and mini hemlines. After seeing the designs, he playfully expressed that casual and formal wear is what he juxtaposed this time around. 

“If I were to have three key words for this collection, it’s sex, elegance, and glamour.”

Sex and glamour

This marks the designer’s first denim collection, and it takes us back to the enticing fashion of the 70s. The two concepts, denims and tuxedos, are the main characters and they were translated into the current fads. Low-waisted jeans were elevated with the use of flared tuxedo pants, while structured blazers were finished in cropped cuts. Surprisingly, the collection only consisted of three denim fabrics, which he used both front and back to keep it cohesive. To make the pieces truly Chris Nick, some designs had micro ribbons, a nod to the designer’s signature detail. 

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chris nick bench fashion week

According to Chris, “To be contemporary [and] current is what I always want. There’s a way to keep things classic but at the same time current. What’s the classic? Denim. Tuxedos. What’s current? Low-waisted [pieces].”

Simple connections 

After a quick chat about his collection, it was refreshing to see the designer in his natural element as he showed us his studio. We were able to see the connection between his personality and his designs in an intimate manner, and it goes without saying that the young designer keeps things candid and simple, just like his brand. He sticks to the basics yet isn’t shy to mix it up with subtle deconstructions, but he doesn’t like it to be too complicated like fabric manipulations. 

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The era of casual allure

Having a strong style identity can open many opportunities for someone in fashion, and Chris has been able to live this out over the course of his growing career. He established a design that is so personal and distinct, which is why it’s fitting for him to venture into something new yet familiar.

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It’s evident that Chris Nick is now more open to experimenting with different fabrics such as denim, so we’re definitely looking forward to a wider range of designs that go beyond what we’ve seen so far in his past collections. “I’ve always loved denim, and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m only starting to work and present it in my work just now.”


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