The Chris Nick SS/22 Collection Is An Elegant Fusion Of Y2K Era Elements And 70s Fashion

The Chris Nick SS/22 Collection Is An Elegant Fusion Of Y2K Era Elements And 70s Fashion


Chris Nick Delos Reyes is back with another display of his fashion prowess. Now in the form of Y2K and 70’s fashion-inspired designs that all fall along the usual adjectives to describe his exquisite designs—elegant, striking and timeless.

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If there’s anything recent fashion trends have proven, it’s that the Y2K era’s comeback is still making strides. We’ve seen the reemergence of Ed Hardy tees, butterfly prints and most recently, the chunky moon boots. Even Maisons like Chanel and Blumarine hopped on the trend with their SS/22 Collections. Another high fashion brand giving a nod to Y2K fashion is Chris Nick.


The idea for his newly launched collection, Made To Measure, was sparked when he flew out to the city of dreams, New York City. During his travels, his love for the ever-present motif in his creations, discotheque, was reignited. This eventually led to the inspirations behind the Chris Nick SS/22 Collection. The line is a flawless fusion of the Y2K era and timeless codes from the 70s fashion.

The ready-to-wear Spring/Summer collection is all “clean lines but with all that elegant edginess,” according to the famed designer. From micro mini dresses, pencil cut evening gowns to bold colored co-ords, one shall witness several drop waists and skin-bearing apparel in this wardrobe.

Making an even grander entrance, the Chris Nick SS/22 Collection will also welcome the label’s first pair of shoes. Coined “The Club Platform,” they are satin towering platforms that can easily boost the confidence of any wearer.

Although this fresh batch welcomes new motifs and apparel, Chris Nick’s romantic silhouettes, signature palette of jet black hues and elegant codes still remain.

The SS/22 Collection embodies what Delos Reyes believes great fashion should be: a reflection of the zeitgeist of today’s society and culture whilst remaining timeless throughout time.

Something can be classic but at the same time created to adapt with the ever so changing generation.

Chris Nick

Adding even more glitz and glamour to the already tres chic collection are opulent Tiffany & Co. hardwares that are easily enough to steal the show.

Put a concrete picture into the “great fashion” we’ve been describing so far. Here’s a rundown of the glamorous SS/22 Made To Wear Collection by Chris Nick.

A Tres Chic Showcase Of Timeless Fashion

Here, Filipiñiana Butterfly Sleeves make an impactful comeback. This is because the young creative wants to eradicate the stigma surrounding Filipino wears. Delos Reyes says no to the notion that they are only bound to formal events or themed costume parties.

Electric blue hues also enter the label’s design palette, arriving in blazers and tailored long sleeves that constitute chic co-ords.

Making an elaborate reference to the 70s, wide leg trousers and oversized bows take over micro mini dresses and evening gowns.

Breaking the monotony of otherwise pure jet-black apparel are elements such as glistening silver sequins and ostrich feathers to ensue more flair and pop.

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