Chris Nick’s Luxe Loungewear Is Giving The Tuxedo A Breather And You Should, Too

Chris Nick’s Luxe Loungewear Is Giving The Tuxedo A Breather And You Should, Too


Taking cues from the ultimate staple, Chris Nick reinterprets the concept of formal clothing into a much-relaxed wardrobe.

Before the pandemic altered our lives and compelled us all to slow down from inside the comfort of our own homes, we never really prioritized investing in a quality set of loungewear. However, everything has changed, as have the rest of our perceived necessities. From earnestly following our skincare regimen to achieving that REM state in slumber, taking care of ourselves in a midst of a health crisis is now our primary concern.

Chris Nick Loungewear
Silk Charmuese Oversized Boyfriend Lounge Shirt


With this in mind, Chris Nick thought of launching a whole new line under his namesake brand, further diversifying his design identity more than ever. This time around, the young designer made his own luxury loungewear collection, which is unarguably timely in this day and age since we are still in various stages of self-isolation.

Let’s face it: there’s just something so glamorous and comfortable about the idea of slipping into silk, whether it be letting all things be at home or of course, to sleep in. But while such loungewear is already chic as it is, Chris Nick—being a designer who has this tremendous affinity for all things ultra sophisticated—made his own version that you can wear wherever you are. Whether in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even attending your significant other’s weekly candlelit dinner, his pieces are undoubtedly very versatile.

“Getting inspiration from the tuxedo—the ultimate staple, this lounge collection offers a versatile selection of pieces that can be worn from day to night—from lounging at home to Hôtel Costes,” Chris Nick says. By doing so, anyone can “easily dress up in these pieces with a pair of stilettos and you’re good to grab a martini or two.” In other words, just think of the ever classic dapper tuxedo taking a breather. This luxe loungewear doesn’t feel like it’s limiting your movements because you can freely move in it, but it’s still tailored to sublimity, of course.

So, there’s really nothing quite like wearing a set of luxurious, sumptuous silk loungewear. After all, if you want to wear it at home, it’s totally perfect because we spend one-third of our lives sleeping in bed. And apart from the fact that silk is impeccably soft and smooth, it’s also an excellent fabric to minimize the chance of getting wrinkles. Because if you’re a side sleeper, you can be smooshing your face into your pillow, putting friction between the skin and fabric for a prolonged period of time. You see, luxe loungewear isn’t just for fashion purposes only, there’s added beauty benefits, too.

Slip into your own luxe loungewear as Chris Nick’s Latest Collection is now available on his website. Follow him on Instagram @_chrisnick for more updates.

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