Make The Holidays Even Sweeter with This Dessert Collection for the Family

Make The Holidays Even Sweeter with This Dessert Collection for the Family


Made with sweet feelings of love and happiness, The Dessert Depot PH’s Sweet and Merry Collection introduces their classic and newest desserts perfect for the Yuletide celebrations

There’s nothing sparklier than a Christmas celebration. From the shimmers of the classic red and green holiday outfits to the colorful string lights and stars, the Yuletide season shines bright. This event marks a significant time for friends and family to come together to celebrate, reflect on the past year, and of course, indulge in delicious fare. 

After all, what’s a get-together without a table of family-favorite dishes and a pantry filled with sweet treats? Perfect for this coming Christmas, The Dessert Depot PH, a specialty desserts business, has a Sweet and Merry collection that is sure to bring the extra holiday cheer to your table.  

All the celebratory cakes

There is no Filipino Christmas celebration without its traditional dessert, bibingka: a sweet rice coconut cake topped with salted eggs and cheese. At The Dessert Depot PH, however, their Bibingka Burnt Basque Cheesecake (8″ cake size) is a marriage between a Filipino Christmas staple and their signature cheesecake base. 

The Dessert Depot PH's Bibingka Cheesecake
The Dessert Depot PH’s Bibingka Cheesecake infused with coconut milk to bring the base flavor closer to the classic bibingka

A lighter version of their burnt basque cheesecake base is infused with coconut milk to bring the base flavor closer to the classic bibingka. It’s topped with grated premium queso de bola and salted egg slices.

The Dessert Depot PH's Signature Chocolate Cake
This Signature Chocolate Cake is made with 100% premium single-origin Criollo Cacao sourced from Davao
The Dessert Depot PH's Signature Red Velvet Cake
Enjoy the beauty of the color red from the inside and out with this Signature Red Velvet Cake

For something sweeter mixed with a flavorful fruit that’s rich and decadent, they also have this exclusive cake just for this season: the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (8″ cake size) with sugar-macerated strawberries. 

In a special dinner set-up, a centerpiece-worthy dessert can be in the form of a Red Velvet Cake. This cake’s base has a rich cream cheese filling and is garnished elegantly by edible red flowers. But for a truly indulgent chocolate cake experience, the Signature Chocolate Cake is created with 100% premium single-origin Criollo Cacao sourced from Davao and topped with choco-almond acorns, mint leaves, and gold shavings. 

Of macarons, cookies, and crinkles

The Dessert Depot PH's hand-crafted French Macarons
Treat yourself to a bit of French flair with these hand-crafted French Macarons

Have a bit of French flair with their hand-crafted French Macarons, a sweet indulgence to make conversations even more relaxing over a cup of tea. These delicate meringue cookie sandwiches come in six delicious flavors: Passionfruit, Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Salted Caramel. 

If you want more to munch on, try their Half-Dipped Jumbo Cookies. Half-dipped in smooth and creamy chocolate combinations, these delicious cookies deliver exciting flavor contrasts that leave you craving for more. 

These jumbo cookies are available in three flavors: Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie and Dark Chocolate Almond Dip, Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookie and White Chocolate Oreo Dip, and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie and White Chocolate Peppermint Dip.

You also can’t miss something merry and bright: the Classic Chocolate Crinkles and Nutella Crinkles. Both are soft, fudge-like chocolate cookies dusted with powdered sugar, but the latter has Nutella. 

Try the Truffle Brownies layered with dark chocolate ganache and topped with dusted cocoa powder

For a treat that’s even fudgier and chewier, try their Truffle Brownies layered with dark chocolate ganache and topped with dusted cocoa powder. They’ve added a touch of edible gold to cap-off the decadence—a true star for the holidays. 

Flavorful mix of pastries

The Turon Croissant
A classic Filipino banana dessert reimagined: The Turon Croissant
The Dessert Depot PH's Pain Auro Chocolat
The Pain Auro Chocolat is a classic French dessert that’s lifted with proudly Filipino chocolate

The great thing about pastries is that they can come from different places. Bringing a taste of the Parisian culture and lifestyle to treats is The Dessert Depot PH’s croissant, which also proudly reimagines Filipino flavors such as the Turon Croissant, Ube Croissant, and Pain Auro Chocolat. 

They also have the Matcha Sakura Croissant, inspired by the Japanese scenery, and Almond Croissant, a crunchy and flakey bread, to ensure you get a unique variety. 

Aside from Paris’ croissants and Japan’s matcha, there’s also the delightful Blueberry Danish treat filled with a creamy custard. It’s topped with layers of cream cheese and blueberry compote and drizzled with melted white chocolate and sweet crumble. 

And if you’re looking for an incredibly moist, delicious loaf with very ripe bananas, remember to add their Banana Chocnut Loaf for the on-the-go slice during breakfast or afternoon snack. 

The Dessert Depot PH also offers Christmas Dessert Samplers and Dessert Depot Box with many of your favorite treats. They also specialize in customized cakes for all those best moments in life. Whatever your holiday appetite, they’ve got the Christmas desserts to match.

Get into the holiday spirit and make your Christmas even merrier with delicious treats by visiting The Dessert Depot PH’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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