Christophe Bariou On Starting a New Business, Championing His Workers’ Welfare, and Embracing a Life of Purpose

Christophe Bariou On Starting a New Business, Championing His Workers’ Welfare, and Embracing a Life of Purpose


In the world of wines, where every bottle tells a story, one man recently introduced his own chapter. Meet Christophe Bariou. Beyond being often tagged as Nadine Lustre’s beau, his story offers much more than meets the eye

In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Christophe Bariou shared how he and his girlfriend seamlessly wove passion and entrepreneurship into a thriving journey. He also emphasized the significance of valuing and rewarding his employees’ dedication, all the while sharing his aspiration to savor life on a deeper, more meaningful level. Yet, there’s a hidden cellar of stories to be unveiled; read on and join us as we uncork the next rich layers of this businessman’s narrative.

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Living the dream

Christophe Bariou and Nadine Lustre

“I’m actually perfectly okay with people referring to me as her boyfriend.” This was Christophe’s sincere and straightforward answer when asked about being constantly labeled as the actress‘ partner. He continued, “But if people need to know something about me, well, I have lived in Siargao for 10 years now.” 

The half-Filipino, half-French gentleman shared that his choice to stay in the country is driven by a profound connection to our culture. He reminisced about his childhood visits, particularly to Palawan, where most of his relatives are based. Over the years, Christophe’s choice has been a resounding success, marked by the establishment of several businesses and the pursuit of his deepest passions.

Pouring love into business

Maison Bukana Wines

In a bold stride onto the competitive terrain of the business world, Christophe and Nadine, both with a taste for adventure, introduced their very own vinous wonder: Maison Bukana Wines. The 30-year-old entrepreneur shared that they explored several vineyards, engaged in insightful discussions with sellers, and tapped into the wisdom of industry experts to achieve the best outcome for their newest venture. With a gleam of pride in his eyes, Christophe spoke of their fascination with the invaluable lessons they learned along the way, expressing, “Selling our own wine is just like an incredible achievement for us.”

Values in action

Photo: CHRISTOPHE BARIOU (via Instagram)

Christophe also revealed his strong commitment to guaranteeing his employees’ understanding of their rights and receiving the rightful benefits they’ve earned—a key takeaway for every aspiring business owner. “Something I would really like to implement more in the Philippines is more rights for workers. I have [lived] in a country where we have pretty decent health care and really good, strong working rights when it comes to contracts or benefits in general. And I’ve noticed that in the Philippines, it is often neglected.” From his resort in Siargao to his latest project, he is making a conscious effort to ensure his team is well taken care of. Nadine even chimed in, expressing her admiration for his partner’s dedication to going above and beyond for his people.

The gentleman’s life philosophy

“Everything I try to do is in the eye of doing my part.”

Purpose is the name of Christophe’s game. He firmly holds the belief that infusing meaning into every aspect of life is the way to go, aiming to create a positive ripple effect in his surroundings. Reflecting on his businesses, he confidently states, “I think it was one of the best ways for me to have a meaningful impact on my direct environment.”

Photo: CHRISTOPHE BARIOU (via Instagram)

Notably, Christophe is also enthusiastic about his vegan lifestyle, emphasizing that it goes beyond mere vegetarianism. In one of his Instagram posts, he passionately conveyed, “Frankly, there are only good reasons to choose non-violence and go vegan. You can do it for your health, budget, or the environment, but in the end, what makes it a lifelong change and motivation is the love and compassion we all feel for animals.” Through his tireless endeavors, Christophe aspires to use these initiatives as building blocks, encouraging people to chart their course upward with the aim of collectively contributing to the betterment of society.

Savoring success

Nadine Lustre's boyfriend's business tips

To conclude our conversation, he offered a piece of wisdom not only relevant to men but to anyone harboring entrepreneurial ambitions. Drawing inspiration from his own path, he underscored the importance of uncovering your life’s passion and finding ways to link it with addressing broader societal issues. According to him, “It will fuel your work without even thinking about it.” It was a concise yet powerful closing statement that left us excited to witness the forthcoming ventures Christophe has in store.

Maison Bukana Wines is available exclusively in Boozy PH.


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