Cinnamoroll x CoCo is set to make Summer Cute and Cool

Cinnamoroll x CoCo is set to make Summer Cute and Cool


CoCo, our fave milk tea spot, is dropping 3 exclusive drinks plus super cute Cinnamoroll toys and merch!

When summer’s at its peak, and it’s all about soaking up the heat, hydration is key. CoCo’s always been here to level up the refreshment experience with a drink that not only cools us down but also puts us in the best mood—like sipping good vibes! CoCo is dropping a collab this season, and that is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all summer. 

CoCo’s sought-after approach to drinks meets the too-adorable-for-words Cinnamoroll, a Sanrio character that captures the hearts of kids and adults alike, for a series of drinks that will make summer extra special. We’re talking 3 exclusive slushy drinks, 4 toy designs, a branded cup, and a cooler bag. 

Sip on the new refreshing flavors

Indulge in the 3 slushy drinks, each offering a unique and delightful taste that will leave you craving for more. Avocado Pudding mixes the lushness of ripe avocados with sweet and creamy pudding. Honey Jelly Watermelon is an adventure for your taste buds, blending smooth watermelon with chewy honey jelly toppings and fluffy, salty cream. Avocado Dream is a dreamy mashup of house-made pudding and avocado, topped with a layer of luscious salty cream. The exclusive drinks come in a cup with the Cinnamoroll x CoCo design that will definitely have you saying, “Aww.”

The Avocado Pudding drink + toy + cooler bag bundle costs PHP410. The Honey Jelly Watermelon drink + toy + cooler bag bundle is PHP420. The Avocado Dream drink + toy + cooler bag bundle is PHP420.

Grab a drink from the Cinnamoroll x CoCo collaboration, and it can be bundled with a Cinnamoroll toy of your choice and score a free Cinnamoroll cooler bag. Each toy captures Cinnamoroll living his best summer life: Cinnamoroll Surprise is popping out of a CoCo cup, Cinnamoroll Watermelon Fun features a battery-operated mini watermelon that opens up, Cinnamoroll Heart Stamp rolls out a heart pattern, and Cinnamoroll Watermelon Slush shows the character sipping a CoCo drink. 

Embrace the summer fun with exciting treats from the cutest collaboration and bring out your playful side! Cinnamoroll x CoCo will be available nationwide starting May 1 with the following prices: Avocado Pudding at P180, Honey Jelly Watermelon at P190, and Avocado Dream at P190. 

The complete Cinnamoroll x CoCo drinks, toys, and merch collaboration will also be available via food delivery apps. Experience the thrill of collecting these adorable Cinnamoroll toys!

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