‘Clean Girl’ Maximalism: These Candy-Colored Silicone Bags are Your Entry Point

‘Clean Girl’ Maximalism: These Candy-Colored Silicone Bags are Your Entry Point


Playful yet practical, Store It’s multipurpose silicone organizers are an approachable way to dip into “clean girl” maximalism, even if you consider yourself a devoted minimalist

Do a quick Google search on “clean girl aesthetic” and you’ll be greeted with an abundance of images, each showcasing subtle variations of the trend: dewy and fresh-looking skin, flushed cheeks, glossy lips, and slicked-back hair. Simple and subdued, the clean girl aesthetic feels especially natural in part because of our inclination to minimalism, as shown in recent fashion subcultures like capsule wardrobe dressing and quiet luxury.

So how does the clean girl approach incorporating a sense of play into her style? By embracing a palette of rich solids such as Store It’s Olive and Zest color options, along with delicate pastels like their Popcorn and Powder Blue, and complemented by pale hues such as Honey Maple and Sandstone, you can tap into the wonderful world of maximalism on your own terms. Not to mention, Store It’s silicone pouches are available in various shapes and sizes, offering versatile organization solutions within purses.

Below, see the brand’s edit of storage solutions designed to infuse a vibrant pop of color and playfulness into your minimalist style.

Cloud Organizer

The roomy interior makes it ideal for stashing all your beauty essentials
Mesh-covered interior pockets hold eyeliner pens, makeup brushes, and lip gloss tubes

For a tidy and well-organized arsenal of beauty products, rely on Store It’s Cloud Organizer. It has a nylon lining and mesh-covered interior pockets, complete with elastic holders for eyeliner pens, makeup brushes, and lip gloss tubes. Its rounded rectangle shape allows even larger cosmetic items, such as eyeshadow palettes or a bottle of setting spray. Despite being the most spacious among the selection, the Cloud Organizer remains lightweight and effortless to carry around. It comes in Army Green, Mauve Brown, Taupe Beige, and Sky Blue—think of these earthy tones as an extension of your brown outfits.

Zip Pod

The Zip Pod is a fun option for carrying smaller items

As an enthusiast of the clean girl lifestyle, organizing should be your strong suit. Why not add a touch of fun to that? Enter the Zip Pod, slightly smaller than the Cloud Organizer, but perfectly designed to accommodate everyday essentials like cards, folded banknotes, earphones, and phone chargers. On the other hand, Zip Pod Plus+ has a water-resistant exterior that can keep your phone, wallet, and other items safe from water, whether you’re going to the beach or heading out on a rainy day.

Both variations come in six sophisticated colors: Milk, a classic creamy white; Honey, a warm camel shade; Skin, a muted peach tone; Ink, a vivid black; Brick, a bold red hue; and Spice, a rusty maroon shade.

Flat Matte

Keeping things chic and well-categorized is easy with pastel organizers

Easy on the eyes, the Flat Matte collection is the perfect space-saving organizer for keeping things chic and well-categorized. Store receipts, tissue, and mints in the 500 ml Flat Matte, and gadgets like your phone and wireless earbuds in the 1,000 ml variation; both variations are waterproof to keep your items safe and dry. Select from an array of colors like Coco, Cocoa, Caramel, Mint, Sky, and Lavender—a minimalistic twist on pastel hues.

Micro Bag

Due to its compact size, this organizer fits inside even the smallest of purses

If parting with your mini bags in a strictly pared-back palette is challenging, allow these dopamine-inducing silicone organizers to take on the maximalist task on your behalf. Due to its compact size, this organizer effortlessly fits inside a wide range of bags, from teensy handhelds to tiny crossbody bags. Choose from an array of subtle and pastel hues such as Cookie Dough, Bubblegum Pink, Cotton Candy Blue, Peachy Orange, Pastel Green, and Crystal Clear.

Store It provides a diverse selection of storage solutions, empowering you to organize your items just the way you desire. Explore the collection on their website. For the latest updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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