Clinique Shows that Customization is the New Currency of Beauty

Clinique Shows that Customization is the New Currency of Beauty


There is no better time to be a woman than today.

We have the liberty to pursue different passions and have the privilege to lead different lives. More women are also now able to embrace diverse and unique lifestyles as they please. Because of this, the definition of beauty has also changed. As women’s lives evolve, so do their everyday beauty needs. Every 20-something young professional may not have the same necessities as other women her age. A mom in her 30s will also have different needs. This propelled beauty brands to change their traditional one-formula-fits-all to beauty that’s more personal and customized. It paved way for innovations that cater to a more diverse set of women. While all their needs are different, they are also equally important.

Known as a brand that believes that great skin can be created, Clinique shows us exactly how it’s done.

They recently launched the revolutionary Clinique iD moisturizer—a customized hydration system. It features the Dramatically Different Moisturizers (as the base) that works double time when paired with a booster cartridge. This moisturizes your skin while addressing your specific skin concern.

There are three Dramatically Different Moisturizer bases to choose from: moisturizing lotion, oil-control gel, and hydrating jelly. All these can be combined with five different cartridges packed with active concentrates for fatigue, lines + wrinkles, irritation, uneven skin texture, and uneven skin tone.

Choose your own adventure in your beauty routine.

Together, women with different skincare needs can choose from 15 different combinations. It is a far cry from that standard moisturizer right from the shelf. Now you can truly choose your own adventure in life, and in your beauty routine.

Watch these remarkable women of today, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Heaven Peralejo, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Rei Germar, as they inspire us about pursuing your true passion and finding your custom-fit Clinique iD.

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Creative Director: Fatima Esmero
Writer: Jujiin Samonte
Videographer: Joshua del Rosario
Coordinator: Zairene San Miguel
Stylist: Bea Constantino
Brands: H&M, Debbie Co, Sassa Jimenez, and Patty Laurel wearing Tibi (available in Distinqt)

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