Closet Spruce-Up: 6 Hacks To A Cleaner Storage Space

Closet Spruce-Up: 6 Hacks To A Cleaner Storage Space


As 2018 begins, the time for spring cleaning is slowly under way. Discarding pieces and decluttering our wardrobe is an absolute must to welcome the new year and all its new trendy digs. Any fashion girl would agree that behind any #fashioninspo OOTD is an unbeatable closet with spotless storage spaces.

We all know the hassle of spring cleaning all too well, so to make kissing all those clothes goodbye easier, we’ve narrowed down 6 easy ways to hack your way to a 2018-ready wardrobe (You’re welcome!).

1. Say adios to unworn clothes from college!

Asking yourself “Do I need this?” is one of the trickiest questions that don’t really help when discarding grab. Hold your ground and take out pieces from your old high school and college days. Make room for new clothes that are age-appropriate and resonate with the latest trends.

2. Don’t cut corners!

Hard corners around your drawers can be chock-full of dust, lint, or maybe worse, bugs (Yikes!). Remove all the clothes inside the drawers and ready a cleaning solution that thoroughly cleans  with a light, fresh scent. We love Champion Supra Clean Detergent Powder in disinfecting the nooks and crannies of our storage space while leaving the scent of fresh linen in the air.

3. Don’t leave your belts hanging.

One of the main areas where dust accumulates is around the belt and scarf hooks. Keep dirt and dust from the air away by rolling belts and folding all your scarves while keeping them in a pull-out drawer.

4. Don’t throw out your silica gel packets!


We know you have lots of these babies. Keep moisture out of your storage bins by leaving a few packets on each corner. This will prevent germs from growing on your precious garments!

5. Use laundry detergent to keep molds away.

One of the unseen enemies of your dresses and pants are closet molds (Gross!). Easily forgotten, base boards of cabinets can have mold buildup and are practically invisible unless you do a double take. Mix warm water with Champion Sunny Fresh Detergent Powder, which has antibacterial properties while scrubbing away grime on the surfaces and throw in cabinet doors too! 


6. Combat shoe-rack stink with fabric conditioner.

If you have a shoe-rack sleeve or a rack that is made from fabric, shoe smell can easily stick on the material and cause a foul smell among your Stan Smiths and Chuck Taylors. Soak the shoe sleeve in Champion Fabri-Con to give your kicks a fresh new smell while keeping your footwear organized. 

Keep all the cleaning essentials within arm’s reach with Champion Detergent! Visit their Facebook here for more tips and tricks in making cleaning tasks at home more enjoyable. 

In-article images: Andrew Itaga, Annie Pratt, Priscilla Du Preez, Shanna Camilleri from Unsplash

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