New Releases From Our Fave Brands That We Wish Are Available Locally

New Releases From Our Fave Brands That We Wish Are Available Locally


Our favorite brands can’t stop with all the new releases but will we ever see them in stores locally?

Admit it, not all new releases from our favorite brands become available locally. Though available online on their respective websites, shipping makes it hard for us to get our hands on them. It’s simply tragic. And with the new releases from brands like Benefit and Converse, we can’t help but feel the FOMO again.
Five of our all-time favorite brands just released really cool new items (and collection!). This just made the FOMO worse than ever because who doesn’t want Coca-Cola sneakers? From beauty to fashion and even food—here are the new releases that we would totally want to see at local stores ASAP!

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

Four products in one? Talk about efficiency! Benefit just makes life easier for everyone. With the release of the new Brow Contour Pro, you’re gonna want to chuck all your other brow products. This innovation from Benefit teaches us 4 steps in shaping and contouring your own brow! Now, we totally want that in our glam kit, stat!

Coca-Cola X Converse X KITH

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Coca-Cola? Check. Converse? Check. Kith? Check. Three brands just collaborated to create the best thing that probably ever happened to sneakers. Yes, we’re getting our favorite cola’s brand on our Chucks! The designs include the Coca-Cola embroidery in four languages—Chinese, English, French, and Russian. These new kicks will be released on August 17, Friday at

Left-Handers’ Oreo Packs

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Left-handers, we feel you. We totally get the struggle of having to cut paper with not-so-friendly scissors or open up cans with right-hand can openers. That’s why we rummaged the internet for the perfect product for you. You can now enjoy your favorite Oreo cookies without the hassle! Specially designed for left-handed people, this new limited edition packaging from Oreo is a total life-changer. And we want them at our local groceries now!

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