Coconut And Caramel Latte, Anyone? Here’s Where You Can Get A Good Cup

Coconut And Caramel Latte, Anyone? Here’s Where You Can Get A Good Cup


This new cafe in Ortigas can be the next go-to spot for coffee addicts.

The Philippines has always been a country of coffee drinkers, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that new coffee shops attract attention and long queues.

Café Kitsuné is one such café. While its modern minimalist interiors already make it stand out in a sea of fashion retail shops alongside it, the international café chain’s playlist and understated merchandise could make a casual shopper, at very least, curious enough to find a table.

The café is located inside The Podium mall,  which stands in the middle of the major business and commercial district, Ortigas Center—the perfect spot for taking a break from shopping, or a breather from work.

Coffee, please

Created in 2013, Café Kitsuné has prided itself in a menu that is made for making diners feel comfortable and curious.

The French Onion Soup and Pork Katsu Sando are great starters. If you come it at breakfast time, the Granola is a no-fail choice, and is as classic as it comes. Among the best sellers under their main dish, the Seared Salmon and Chicken Confit feel like home, one that you can come back to without much thought.

But the best items on their menu are still their coffee choices. Whether it be your regular Iced Latte or the creamy Coconut and Caramel Latte, you’d get a drink that satisfies your caffeine addiction—and your senses. You can also try the Banana and Caramel Latte if you have sweet tooth (though, generally, they take it easy on the sugar and salt).


Café Kitsuné was created under the brand Kitsuné, which, in turn, was created in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki. For two decades now, the brand has been able to blend seamlessly their ideas and vision for their fashion brand, Maison Kitsuné, their music label, Kitsuné Musique, and their cafés, roasteries, bars, and restaurants under Café Kitsuné.

The café itself has developed a cult following through its 20 networks that are present in big cities around the world, including Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, New York, Beijing, and Vancouver.

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