Coleen Garcia Spills One Thing She Wants To Change About Hubby Billy Crawford

Coleen Garcia Spills One Thing She Wants To Change About Hubby Billy Crawford


Coleen Garcia tells one thing she wants Billy Crawford to change at the #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet!
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are total #CoupleGoals. It just seems as if they are a match made in heaven. But would you have guessed that Coleen still has one little thing she wants to change about her hubby? The actress shares this in their exclusive red carpet interview at the #MEGAMillennialBall with correspondent Michelle Dee.
The newlyweds walked arm-in-arm at the #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet. The couple matched in monochromatic ensembles. Billy sported an Erwin Flores suit and Coleen was daring in her Rosenthal Tee gown. And while the gorgeous pair stuns everyone, the couple didn’t hesitate to spill tiny little details about each other.

In Finding Love

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Michelle Dee dives into the questions of “love” for the newlyweds, asking them any advice for people who are looking for love. Coleen tells that one must not look for it and just wait as it will come at the right place and time. She adds that in order for love to come, you have to be open not only for the love that’s yet to come but also for the challenges that come with it.

Loving Coleen

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And before the two heads on over to the ball, Michelle makes sure to ask the couple three things Billy loves about Coleen and three things Coleen would want to Billy to stop doing. Billy lovingly states all the best qualities he finds in her wife. The singer compliments Coleen’s strength that would be “enough for the entire family”. He never forgot to mention how gorgeous (indeed!) Coleen is and how God-fearing his wife is.

Stubborn Hubby

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When it was Coleen’s turn to answer, the actress tells that she finds it hard to think of anything to change about her husband. She only found one small detail that she wants him to give up and that’s his stubbornness. Coleen was gently reminding Billy how she wants him to turn down his stubbornness just tiny little bit. So adorable!
Want to hear it from Mr. and Mrs. Crawford themselves? Watch the video below for the exclusive #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet interview with correspondent Michelle Dee:

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