Contemporary Art Meets Luxury in Louis Vuitton’s New Limited-Edition Artycapucine Collection

Contemporary Art Meets Luxury in Louis Vuitton’s New Limited-Edition Artycapucine Collection


Louis Vuitton features six global contemporary artists in their fourth chapter of Artycapucines.

Art has constantly proved its limitless possibilities. May it be in creativity, innovation, or perception—all forms of artistry are constantly making their contribution to create new pathways that either challenge social norms or deconstruct the ideologies people are facing today. We can recall the influence Vincent Van Gogh didn’t have in his prime, yet his impact is still making waves in society today. Art transcends time, and we have seen the versatility it has over the years.

In the fashion industry, it’s a powerful relationship artists and designers utilize. Creating a piece that represents such identity and message, which is then transformed into wearable art. This is what we are witnessing with Louis Vuitton’s new line of Artycapucine bags. 

In their fourth chapter of the Artycapucines, Louis Vuitton takes their iconic bag into the contemporary scene. In collaboration with six global artists: Amélie Bertrand, Daniel Buren, Kennedy Yanko, Park Seo-Beo, Peter Marino, and Ugo Rondinone, it is evident that Louis Vuitton is always in pursuit of incredible virtuosity.

Amélie Bertrand

In Amélie Bertrand’s design, it presents the use of an innovative pigment treatment painted on the Capucine, creating a radiant, warm phosphorescence. This particular design is considered as the first ever glow in the dark Capucine that has a motif inspired by the atmosphere of summer nightlife.

Daniel Buren 

Known for his play on creating pieces that have “double-designs,” Daniel Buren designed the Capucine with such unique elements. Made with his trademark black and white stripes on the handle, his double-design concept was then played out with simple touches: symmetrical halves that contain differently colored Louis Vuitton Tourillon leather, as well as the semi-circular flaps. 

Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy Yanko’s artistry touches on perception and meticulous technique. Infusing her metal and “paint skin” artistry on the Capucine, it has become Louis Vuitton’s first 3D printed design that has withering effects of rust scattered across it. The visually striking bag went through a tedious process to perfect the effect of metal and “paint skin,” which we now see today. Another reason to love this bag is its versatility with its detachable strap, giving you two options in one. 

Park Seo-Bo

Made with such meticulous techniques and high regards for artistry, Park Seo-Bo’s design stems from his 2016 Écritures series. The recreation of the tactile textures were done with various steps, from a highly detailed 3D rubber injection to hand-finished leather touches that guarantee a deep patina on the exterior. As for finishing accents, Park Seo-Bo included a simple design at the bottom of the Capucine—each stud shows the monogram flower of Louis Vuitton, which was inspired by the screws Park Seo-Bo has been using for his works.

Peter Marino

Peter Marino takes to a different direction as he donned the Capucine in an all black design. A classic color designed with such striking qualities and precise patchwork, the finish consists of hand-cut strips of rich Louis Vuitton calfskin, as well as 315 lightweight studs that decorate the body of the bag. For a sensual accent, Peter Marino designed a whip-like detail for the handle that was braided by hand.

Ugo Rondinone

Capping off the collection, Ugo Rondinone brings forth a dynamic design that radiates such positive energy. The harlequin-style motif that graced the bag is a nod to his exploration of clowns. Made through hand embroidery, the designs took nearly 15,000 small beads, which were embellished around the bag to create more dimension and volume. 3D flower printed beads were also used to call reference to his sculptures in 1988, and were formed in a classic Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern. 

The new line of Artycapucine explores the boundless innovation in the world of art, and that’s a selection that offers a wide range of designs that showcase distinct identities of the six contemporary artists. 

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