Declutter the Mind: How Content Creators Can Relax While Facing Their Daily Grind

Declutter the Mind: How Content Creators Can Relax While Facing Their Daily Grind


Balara Content Studio boasts cleanliness, exceptional customer service, and a refreshing take on photo studios with their white walls and minimalistic design

There exists an impression that content creators, especially women, always have it easy–what’s so difficult about setting up a camera, working from home, streaming whenever you want, and looking pretty all day? The thing is, it’s really not.

Just as celebrities struggle to keep their names amongst the stars, content creators do not intend to let their creative slumps take them out of the limelight in one swift headshot. Unfortunately, the daily grind of coming up with ways to impress your audience by doing YouTube challenges or creating credible makeup reviews triggers stress. Not to mention, adjusting your camera settings in every room you shoot in because the lights are different or because the sun shifted its position outside the window. Of course, another part of it is frantically cleaning up an insane amount of paper towels littered across every trash bin in the house because your makeup’s melting!

To sum it up, content creating is a landmine field full of setbacks and a chain of frustrations like every other job there is.

Balara Content Studio: A place to inspire creativity

Luckily, there is a magical place that aims to break you out of your unnerving cycle of producing quality content. Located in Quezon City sits a remarkable white canvas that is Balara Content Studio, a content house by Chestknots Studios. 

Its meticulous visual was designed with the thoughtful purpose of giving content creators a fully-furnished photo studio in which you can develop your emotional and physical flexibility to work your way around. By providing such convenience and service, content creators can work and create content that would inspire and connect with the world by filling in a blank canvas. You can also choose to keep it simple, dancing with the neutrals and lavishing in the comforts of working from a homely abode. The possibilities are endless!

The living room is decorated with beautiful basics in white and beige with subtle colorful pieces to amplify its charming atmosphere.

Take a look inside the white atelier

The aesthetics are charming and serve you in the same way home does–even better, as the neutral colors give you the creative freedom to decide how you want to dye their interiors with your colorful presence.

Actress Cristine Reyes held a brand photoshoot last December 2021 in which her beauty was thoroughly emphasized due to the stressless and carefree environment of the studio. Heart Evangelista-Escudero also did a marvelous shoot of her own for a special digital feature in MEGA. The flawless white surroundings also become a perfect setting for weddings and prenup shoots, something that the studio has already been used for.

Tall glass windows allow natural sunlight to stream into the room, bringing life and vibrance in the white area.

The pleasant setting will never feel sweeter and more relaxing. Tall glass windows and open terraces give you healthy doses of sunlight, streaming in to deliver that stunning natural light into your videos and photos, giving life to your content. Plantitas and plantitos can enjoy viewing the greens and browns of the little potted plants arranged beautifully in both the interior and exterior of the house and the abundance of trees around the vicinity.

Aesthetically-curated wide interiors provide ample space to set up bigger equipment. Furniture is kept few to avoid taking up space and defeating the purpose of decluttering your mind and element. Despite that, everything remains carefully arranged and well-thought of.

Excited? You can contact Balara Content Studio by following their Facebook page and Instagram account. Take a journey towards a clearer mind and brighter vision by taking a peek into the atelier! 

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