Coperni Makes a Mark With Bella Hadid in Fashion History

Coperni Makes a Mark With Bella Hadid in Fashion History


Coperni stuns the fashion industry as they close their show with an innovative and unforgettable piece.

Fashion has its way of reminiscing memorable creations and moments—getting inspiration from what was once the fad, and giving it a modern twist. We enjoy seeing the references as they walk down the runway, but there are certain creations that just bring us to a state of wonderment. And just last weekend, Coperni put the fashion community in a trance as they showcased their Spring/Summer 2023 collection in Paris Fashion Week. 

After a series of sartorial pieces made its way down the runway, Bella Hadid made a special appearance. And at the center of it all, she steps foot on the white platform with nothing but a piece of underwear.

Silence lingered in the venue as the audience watched specialists from Fabrican apply spray-on-fabric directly on the model’s body—a process the audience was able to experience and marvel as the creation slowly became a minimalist slip-on dress. 

This spectacular moment that makes us recall Alexander McQueen’s iconic Spring/Summer 1999 collection, where technology was making its way into the fashion world as Shalom Harlow centers herself between two robots that decorated her with spray paint. 

These are the moments in fashion that continue to open its doors to creativity and innovation, and we are only on our way to see its full potential.

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