Coppermask Unveils a Brand-New, FDA-Approved and Fashionable Face Mask

Coppermask Unveils a Brand-New, FDA-Approved and Fashionable Face Mask


As health restrictions heightens anew with the threat of Omicron spread, it’s time to reconsider upgrading your protection. CopperMask, a brand known for its stylish and unique facial mask infused with copper strands, has launched its safest face mask ever: CM-KF94.

The CM-KF94 face mask, which was developed and manufactured in Korea, is made more functional with its high-performance 4-layer air filter technology (exterior non-woven, center non-woven, melt-blown filter, inner fabric). This makes its filter efficiently collects fine dusts and microbes for up to 0.4um of fine particles in the air to prevent it from entering the body.

Four layers of security

KF94 face masks, which means Korean Filter 94, is an equivalent of the medical grade face mask known as N95. CM-KF94 is FDA approved and was certified to provide 94% filtration efficacy. This means that CM-KF94 is medical grade and is safe to be worn even by front liners and in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

To further secure the level of safety when one wears the CM-KF94, CopperMask subjected this product to additional laboratory clinical tests. These tests proved that CM-KF94 has bacterial filtration efficacy up to 99.99% and was further tested for breathability and microbial cleanliness. Clearly, this is the safest CopperMask product one can get. (Laboratory Clinical Test Report conducted by Intertek. Test Report Number: MNLT21001341. Date Conducted: July 22, 2021)

Key cities nationwide were placed under Alert Level 3 earlier this January as active COVID-19 cases continue to rise along with the on-going scare on Omicron spread, the new dreaded Coronavirus variant. With herd immunity amongst Filipinos still far from reality, wearing facial masks is still one the best defence most Filipinos can do to protect themselves from being infected.

CopperMask has been a favourite fashion staple of popular celebrities and influencers in the country. With this, CM-KF94 ensures and guarantees extra safety while being fashionable at the same time. It comes in six colors—Black, White, Gray, Beige, Pink, and Blue.

To learn more, visit Coppermask at their official website and follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

STUDY REFERENCE: Report No: MNLT21001341, Intertek Philippines

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Photography KIERAN PUNAY
Shoot Coordination by LOUIS ESGUERRA

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