Coppermask Ups the Ante With An All-New Generation of Masks

Coppermask Ups the Ante With An All-New Generation of Masks


Coppermask has three unique masks to complete your OOTD while still keeping safe from harm

If you loved the sleek-looking masks that gave the brand its successful breakout, you can surely get excited with the vast breadth of offerings the brand has in store for everyone. Levelling up on its first formula, Coppermask has crafted two more unique, protective gears, allowing you to seamlessly match your OOTD with your mask while keeping yourself safe from all of the harm that’s still in the air that can come in your way.

Stylish, New Normal With Coppermask

Initially making waves for the clean aesthetic and revolutionary science behind its masks, Coppermask is doubling down with a new generation of offerings that promises extra comfort and maximum style. While the on-going COVID-19 pandemic made the use of face masks mandatory; it also inadvertently allowed the birth of an idea that face masks can still look fashionable while remaining safe to use. As it turns out, such an idea would turn out to be a wild success with the breakout year of Coppermask, as people, most notably celebrities got to experience its first generation of masks.

Firstly, the All-New Coppermask has ensured efficient filtration of harmful bacteria and viruses and antibacterial properties, all laboratory and clinically-tested. With its signature surface with copper strands, the All-New Coppermask remains zero in terms of harmful chemicals or heavy metals that was further proven to potentially kill coronaviruses by up to 99% in just two hours. Ranging from Cool Gray to Green Ash, the All-New Coppermask comes in a grand total of 13 unique colors that you can either blend seamlessly with your ensemble, or make as your eye-catching statement piece.

Go High In Style

If you think Coppermask is the most stylish face mask you can get, wait until you see their Z-Mask. For those looking for something a bit more fun and rugged, Z-Mask is for you.  Boasting its Z-Tech viral filter and waterproof surfaces, Z-Mask has four layers of protection from airborne droplets that can block up to 99% of common bacteria and viruses. With its sleek, handcrafted design, the Z-Mask is made from highly-breathable fabric for maximum comfort, as well as an adjustable and colorful ear string to give you the best fit possible. It now comes in 11 colors affording you with a wide array of styling options to try out for every fashion mood.

Extra on Safety and Fashion

To seal the deal, Coppermask completes its line-up with the safest Coppermask ever: their CM-KF94. Developed and manufactured in Korea, the CM-KF94 face mask is made more functional with its high-performance four-layer air filter technology that efficiently collects fine dusts and microbes for up to 0.4um of fine particles in the air to prevent it from entering your body. The CM-KF94 is FDA approved and was certified to provide 94% filtration efficacy. This certifies that CM-KF94 is medical grade and is safe to be worn even by front liners and on medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

For more information, visit Coppermask at their official website and follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

Creative Direction EL PEREIRA
Photography KIERAN PUNAY
Shoot Coordination by LOUIS ESGUERRA

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