MEGA Lookbook: Corpcore to Elevate Your Style at Work

MEGA Lookbook: Corpcore to Elevate Your Style at Work


Dress to impress with this essential guide to corpcore in 2024, learning through the nuances of the trend and offering insights into creating a standout professional image

Do you like blazers? Some stockings, maybe a pencil skirt? You’re in luck because this is your trend to shine—and still work. Corpcore, at its core, redefines workplace attire. It goes beyond the mundane and introduces a sense of daring sophistication to the corporate setting. Picture yourself as the femme fatale from the erotic thriller of your dreams.

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The corpcore trend as seen on the Bally SS24 show

This trend encourages individuals to break free from traditional boundaries, adopting a style that integrates professionalism with a refined sensuality. Although tweaking conventional workwear is nothing new, Maison Margiela and Prada made subtle yet impactful moves in the late 90s and early 2000s with the uniform, subtly laying the foundation for today’s corpcore evolution. The result is a fashion-forward approach that stands out in the corporate landscape.

In their 2024 presentations, Givenchy, Philosophy By Lorenzo Serafini, and Michael Kors have navigated the corpcore style with a balance that intertwines a distinctive aesthetic with a refined touch. Despite frequently embracing a neutral palette, fashion houses are now choosing to blend textures, ensuring that workplace attire doesn’t veer into dull territory. In the professional setting, going for an engaging look has become the unspoken rule—a mandate to banish boredom from the office aesthetic.

Offering a nuanced approach to modern workwear, Peter Do, Bally, and Miu Miu have played with unique proportions like oversized blazers and polo shirts paired with ultra-miniskirts. Their designs showcase interesting silhouettes, including dresses with unobtrusive cutouts that blend effortlessly, avoiding any jarring elements. The occasional pop of color, carefully chosen to be neither too bright nor acidic, adds a sophisticated touch to their innovative creations.

Psychology affirms what many have intuitively sensed—what you wear can significantly influence how you feel and perform in a professional setting. Welcoming corpcore can be a psychological boost. When you feel good in what you wear, a positive impact resonates in your confidence and approach to work. Studies suggest that dressing well can enhance cognitive functioning and boost self-esteem, contributing to a more focused and productive workday. Corpcore offers not just a microtrend, but also a psychological lift, empowering you to face the challenges of the workplace with renewed vigor and self-assurance.

Corpcore stands out as a trend worth embracing. It challenges the norm, encourages self-expression, and redefines workplace elegance in a way that captivates the eye and sparks conversations. In 2024, styling corpcore is a bold proclamation of individuality within the corporate world. Work can be hard enough, so might as well look and feel good doing it, which may even lead to a hint of enjoyment. Dare to experiment, embrace playfulness, and redefine your style with corpcore. 

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