Craving for Comfort Food? Here’s How You Can Order Meals that Your Mom Used to Make

Craving for Comfort Food? Here’s How You Can Order Meals that Your Mom Used to Make


From serving family and friends to transitioning into every household’s favorite for home-cooked meals in 2020, Mamita’s can satisfy all your cravings

Success tastes sweeter when it’s started from scratch and achieved with the help of family. For Mamita’s, what began as a family specialty has turned into a venture—from serving loved ones to serving the community 20 years and counting. It all started with their Special Lasagna, the heart of their menu. Today, their menu has grown into eight specialties and two pick-up locations fit for your everyday cravings or special occasions.

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The Goodness of Classic Taste

Mamita's Special Lasagna
Mamita’s signature dish—Special Lasagna

Since their first order over two decades ago, Mamita’s had a simple goal: prepare home-cooked meals that families can enjoy in their own dining tables. The Special Lasagna started it all. Known for its rich flavors and homemade preparation, this signature dish consists of rich meaty sauce and velvety béchamel topped off with golden brown cheese. The first layer up to the last is delectable—the perfect definition of how lasagna should be. Indeed, it is the ultimate comfort food that makes you crave for it on normal days, or share it during a salu-salo with your family gatherings.

Aside from their signature gourmet dish, Mamita’s also offers another pasta option—Seafood Puttanesca. It is a rich tomato-based dish with the perfect balance of flavors from capers, olives, and anchovies, topped with fresh shrimp and Chilean mussels.

Mamita's Seafood Puttanesca
Seafood Puttanesca—pasta and seafood on one plate

Meanwhile, Mamita’s Spaghettini ala Puttanesca combines both the sweet and spicy flavors of the two classic recipes. Another twist this dish has to offer? You can request it without seafood for those with allergies.

Trays and Meals Right to Your Doorstep

Besides their classic pasta selection, Mamita’s also offers single-serving meals as well as trays fit for your occasions and daily servings—efficient yet scrumptious choices.

Mamita's Single-Served Meals
Cheese Salmon and Special Lasagna in single-served meals

Beef Salpicao and Paella Mixta are two staples that you can get in bigger servings, as their flavors will surely have your guests and even yourself coming back for more. The former is made of tender beef chunks steeping in Mamita’s signature marinade with the crunch and punch of garlic. Meanwhile, the Paella Mixta is indeed a combination of shrimp, mussels, pork, and chicken with saffron rice—an all-in-one meal.

Mamita's Beef Salpicao and Paella Mixta
Mamita’s newly added dishes—Beef Salpicao and Paella Mixta

For 20 years, Mamita’s milestone lives on in every recipe, whether it’s their classics or their new selection. Just like the comfort of one’s home, they provide not just good, familiar taste, but also that feeling of warmth and comfort in every bite.

Photos: MAMITA’S

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