Help Create A Safe Space For Women Together With This Footwear Brand

Help Create A Safe Space For Women Together With This Footwear Brand


In this day and age, it’s high time that we help one another create a safe space for women.

Here’s the cold hard truth: it’s 2019, but women still have to deal with objectification from their day to day lives. If you think we’re already past that, sadly, our world isn’t still a safe space for women. Although this may be, upon looking at the silver linings, last year wasn’t all that bad.

Beginning with the #MeToo movement, women are now front and center all around the globe. We also witnessed Spain’s prime minister appointing a majority-female cabinet (11 out of 17 appointees). Then women are now legally able to drive in Saudi Arabia.

TOMS Safe Space for Women

We haven’t fully achieved to have a safe space for women. Thus, we must even strive harder to make it happen. After all, it’s not just about us. It’s also about the next generation. And continuing this great momentum for women, TOMS recently announced the latest growth of its giving-focused business mode.

The footwear and lifestyle brand launched its Stand for Tomorrow initiative in the Philippines.  Together with content creator Arianna Cowpower and the label’s new Venice Collection,  the initiative aims to create a broader impact through addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. This will initiate project-based investments with local non-profits and changemakers across the globe.

“TOMS is a brand that believes in a better tomorrow. Globally we have been able to give over 93 million pairs of shoes with our One for One program,” Brand Head of TOMS Ph Camile Banez shared. “We are now taking our advocacy further with Arianna Cowper and supporting New Beginnings, which is a program of CRIBS Foundation to help the 26 girl-survivors who have been sexually abused to heal and be able to reintegrate into society.”

Standing for Courage

Arianna Cowper is a dedicated volunteer at New Beginnings Program. She explains that she chose to help CRIBS Foundation because she shares the same vision as theirs. And this is none other than a world free from abuse. Believing that every child has the right to be protected and safe from sexual abuse, she implores everyone to stand for a good cause and have the courage to take it.

“I have been volunteering to New Cribs to help them recover. I wanted to be a voice that helps these children to have more support because I know there are more out there that needs help and that they can get help,” she explained.

A Tribute To Its Heritage

Venice is the birthplace of TOMS. It’s a city of color, a hip culture where different views meet with artists and activists striving for progress.

The collection showcases a refreshing take on their classic and offers a bold selection with chunky, sneaker-like cupsoles on the iconic silhouettes, the Alpargata, Cordones, and Botas. Adding attitude are spirited vignettes featuring neon, iridescence, 90s flair, and funky, statement-making platforms.

“TOMS Venice Collection is colorful, inspiring and we invite everyone to support the cause in every sole,” Camile Banez said. “This collection expresses our passion as we encourage those that are curious, the adventurous and those that believe that they can make a difference,” she added.

The Venice Collection is available in SM Megamall, Powerplant Mall, and Glorietta 4. 

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