Ride the Crystal Craze with These Gem-Inspired Makeup Products

Ride the Crystal Craze with These Gem-Inspired Makeup Products


From cleansing auras and attracting good vibes to massaging the face as rollers and gua sha tools, crystals are widely used by people now more than ever.

The recent hype of these natural wonders has caught the attention of many beauty enthusiasts. This iridescent trend has inspired Australian beauty brand BYS to create a new makeup line inspired by the allure, gleam, and boldness of crystals.

The new collection launched by BYS has the texture, luminescence, and vibrant hues that these splendid stones have. You can now create crystal-inspired looks and let your beauty shine through with this new line.

BYS Crystal Prep & Set Spray

Bright Base

For a truly luminous makeup look, you have to start with a smooth and clear base. Amethysts are known for their calming properties, which is why using the BYS Crystal Prep & Set Spray is infused with these precious stones. Spritz it generously onto your face to soothe your skin before applying any makeup product.

BYS Crystal Eyeshadow Palette

Crystalize, Crystal Eyes

Dazzle with crystalized eyes using the BYS Crystal Eyeshadow Palette. It is housed in a holographic tin with a full-length mirror. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of brilliant hues with different finishes to add dimension to your eyeshadow. With three top-shine shadows, three shimmers, and six mattes, you can create a multitude of crystalline looks. The Mica-infused long-lasting pigments blend seamlessly together leaving a smooth finish that is true-to-color.

BYS Blush Compact

Flashy Flush

Add radiance to your face with a rose quartz-colored blush. Dab the BYS Blush Compact on the apples of your cheeks. This silky, pigmented powder comes in a pressed crystal pattern to make even touch-ups look glamorous. Glimmer boldly by topping off your look with the BYS Diamond Highlighter, which also has the same crystal pattern. Brush on as much sheen as you want with its buildable formula.

BYS Crystal Hydrating Mist in Rose Quartz

Lock the Luster

There’s a fine line between looking like a precious jewel and looking oily. Keep your makeup intact all day and freshen up your look using the BYS Crystal Hydrating Mist in Rose Quartz. Infused with rose quartz stones, the delicate formula can quench your skin and extend the wear of your makeup products so you can keep glowing on.

Shine bright like a diamond with the new crystal collection by BYS.

BYS is exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty Stores nationwide and at beautybeat.ph

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