Cult Classic Horror Films to Binge This Halloween

Cult Classic Horror Films to Binge This Halloween


Treat yourself to a binge-watch party courtesy of these five films that will make your indoor Halloween celebration a chill and chilling experience

There are a number of ways to enjoy the long holiday break, and staying indoors with the screen is one of them. After the stress and the hustle of regular work days and jam packed schedules, we’re not surprised if you decide to make the most of your break inside the comfort of your homes or chosen staycation places. And if you are looking for the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit without the parties, binge-watching should be part of your agenda. 

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From your cult classic horror movies to mind boggling thrillers, here are some of MEGA Entertainment’s top choices for your Halloween watchlist: 

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Nothing ever beats a film that knows how to terrify the Filipino audience. Although the anthology has always been a Christmas treat during the Metro Manila Film Festival, its theme definitely fits the vibes of cold, chilly nights. Of all the segments that you can choose from, you can start with “Class Picture” starring Kim Chiu and Jean Garcia. 


What will you do if sleep brings you into the world of ghosts? Insidious explores this premise, centered on the Lambert family. Its thrilling film franchise comes with the possibility of experiencing the Further if we close our eyes and sleep. A number of beings haunt the family, and what Insidious does best is the mix of fear suddenly getting to you and creeping in. 


The longtime slasher anthology has built its reputation around the image of Ghostface. Taking references from horror films in the past and a known cast, Scream’s lasting effect is in the mystery injected with a bit of fun and somewhat comedic effects. 

Friday the 13th

Another cult classic from the 1980’s, the slasher film series has grown and expanded throughout the years because of the first movie’s commercial success. Its unexpected killer revelation catapulted the anticipation for succeeding motion pictures. Until today, Friday the 13th is referenced as one of the prime slashers in the genre. 

Stephen King novel adaptations

The horror-thriller genre discussion will be incomplete without the mention of Stephen King. Although his works are originally novels, the film adaptations have also made an impact on fans and viewers alike. What keeps the audience on their toes is not the how or why of the horror itself, but when it will actually happen. From The Shining to It, you can marathon King’s works one by one this season, whether in book or movie form. 

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