Here’s How You Can Cut Down Your Skincare Routine into 5 Easy Steps

Here’s How You Can Cut Down Your Skincare Routine into 5 Easy Steps


Having beautiful, glowing, flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and quality products to achieve the complexion of your dreams. But how many products do you actually need to attain that? 7? 10? 15? The truth is, you don’t need a lot of creams, oils, and magic elixirs to achieve that flawless and glowing skin. All you need are five simple products. Cut your skincare routine into five easy steps with BSKIN’s Vita Advanced Line:

Wash the day off with a mild cleanser

Once you get home, the first thing you should do is wash all your makeup off immediately. Cleanse and rejuvenate your tired skin with the citrusy Soft Bead Cleanser. This cream lathers up into a thick foam to rid the skin of impurities. It cleanses quickly without drying your skin.

Hydrate your skin from the outside

Aside from drinking 8 glasses of water a day, your skin needs extra hydration to keep it supple. Pack on more moisture with the alcohol-free Natural Balance Essence. Pat on a few drops of this lightweight solution to restore your skin’s natural pH balance and serve as another source of your skin’s hydration.

Boost and brighten your complexion

Pump up your glow for a youthful look with the Intensive PAF Concentrate. This power-packed serum contains an unbeatable 20% concentration of stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid. It also infuses the skin with proprietary PAF complex that spurs collagen production and stimulates cell repair for a youthful glow!

Shield your skin from sunlight and pollution

We’re exposed to sunlight and pollution every day. Protect your skin from free radicals, UV, and environmental stresses with the Active Day Cream. This quick-absorbing day cream hydrates your skin quickly and contains SPF so you can be safe from the sun’s UV rays whether you’re indoors or outdoors. 

Look well-rested even after a sleepless night

There will be nights when it’s more difficult to sleep and this leads to looking and feeling tired. Prevent your skin from looking sluggish after a restless night with some help from the Regenerative Night Cream. This potent cream can penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to accelerate its regenerative process each night. Wake up to clear, dewy, supple and rejuvenated skin, no matter how many hours of shut-eye you’ve actually clocked!

Formulated with bee components and made in Asia’s beauty capital, Korea, BSKIN’s products only deliver goodness to your skin. Made from all-natural and rare ingredients, each BSKIN product is clinically tested by The Clinical Trial Centre for Bio-Industry at Semyung University, so you can be sure to get only the best for a flawless complexion. Simplify your skincare routine with BSKIN’s Vita Advanced Line. Learn more about BSKIN on their website

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