This Is Your Daily Reminder To Drink Vitamin C, According To Alden Richards

This Is Your Daily Reminder To Drink Vitamin C, According To Alden Richards


Showing no signs of slowing down, Alden Richards makes it known that while no known cure exists, prevention is our best line of defense as the world races to see an end to the pandemic.

With the alarming numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported on the daily, no matter how often debatable as it may seem, as well as of the high-profile people coming out as positive, it just goes to show that no one is exempt from the vicious virus vilifying every effort at a life free of fear. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, there is still no known cure for the coronavirus that is relentless in its pursuit to wreak havoc to virtually anything that stands in its path of destruction. While a good part of the thinking world is making a mad dash to effectively develop a vaccine that will hopefully see a definite end to this global pandemic, the experts have time and again reminded us that our only defense to actively fight the unseen virus is to practice proper hygiene, be mindful of wearing a mask and practicing social distancing if it is absolutely necessary to go out, and most importantly, to boost your immune system by eating, living, and being as healthy as you possibly can.

The old adage rings very true: prevention is better than cure. So, the more you are able to steel yourself in a bolstered barrier of resistance, the better you can manage your rising worries and paranoia. Naturally, there are many ways to go about this from an insular level, starting with what hopefully are wise choices on our end, and perhaps there isn’t a more basic daily must do than taking multiple vitamins to fortify your presumably mindful consumption habits as of now. While there are no studies to back up the claim that vitamin C can actively prevent viral infection of COVID-19, the essential nutrient and potent antioxidant is known to neutralize unstable compounds, help prevent or reverse cellular damage, and is involved in immune health-related biochemical processes. More specifically, it can decrease inflammation, keep skin healthy by boosting collagen production that help heighten the functional barrier to keep harmful compounds from entering the body, boost immune cell that directly stave off harmful bacteria, and promote the spread of lymphocytes, the immune cell that increases your circulating antibodies. Meaning, it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from getting sick, but it does help you recover faster from viruses such as the common cold.

Alden Richards

Found in many things, such as citrus-rich fruits or more concentrated and potent dosages in supplements, much like in the locally formulated and produced, Cosmo Cee. Not only does it pride itself by being the only vitamin C brand in the market that not only has 700 mg natural non-synthetic and non-acidic vitamic C, citrus bioflavonoids, and sodium ascorbate, the BFCLab development is also marking another milestone as it welcomes Alden Richards to its beauty and wellness fold as its brand ambassador.

“I believe in the science behind Cosmo Cee, and with a career that demands a lot, and especially in today’s pandemic situation, taking extra care and boosting the immunity is very essential. Cosmo Cee fits perfectly within my ethos of leading an active healthy life of well-being,” Alden Richards begins. “I have been taking Cosmo Cee as a supplement for a year now. It has enabled me to fortify my own self and maintain my energy levels and immunity that we’re necessary in my very busy lifestyle.” And it makes total sense, too, especially when you take a momentary deep dive into his social media accounts, where aside from his typical check-ins for work or his gaming adventures, Alden Richards has made his renewed vigor for health and fitness.

Believable and attainable, this coming together in the name of a balanced and authentic lifestyle is only heightened by the fact that it is imperative to take necessary precautions of the sensible and scientific kind. With a trove of research-backed information, there is certainly room for the benefits of Cosmo Cee in our daily dose of multi-vitamins. “With the growing number of people infected by COVID-19, our risk of developing health issues increases significantly. Many of the people don’t, or can’t, meet the recommended healthy diet and exercise guidelines. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, Cosmo Cee represents a very promising complementary strategy for supporting [the] immune system and boosting one’s energy,” details BFCLab Founder, Nino Bautista. And very simply put, health should be everyone’s top priority and concern right now, with everything relating to it being filed under life’s essentials. “It is very important that we take our health very seriously, now, more than ever,” says Red Gatus, BFCLab Co-Founder. “I’m sure people truly understands that health is truly wealth. It’s the basic foundation of happiness.”

While the concept of happiness may have shifted in a time plagued by the pandemic, it has only revealed itself to be more of what is necessary only by you and not defined by anyone else. It doesn’t take the wealth of the world to put a smile on our face or to calm down anxiety-ridden minds, but rather a simplified approach to our ways with the world is more than enough to get us going, and if anyone knows that and takes it close to heart, it’s Alden Richards—a man of balance, truth and conviction. So, take it from him and start living that best life of yours and yes, do not forget to take your vitamins, especially one brought to you by the letter C.

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