Daniel Padilla’s Stylist Revealed They Had Four Outfit Options For the ABS-CBN Ball

Daniel Padilla’s Stylist Revealed They Had Four Outfit Options For the ABS-CBN Ball


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Ryan Viloria shares how he teamed up with the actor to create a standout look 

While Daniel Padilla is known for his easygoing nature, it turns out he’s also a style-savvy gentleman with an eye for detail. This is how his stylist, Ryan Viloria, answered when asked how they came up with DJ’s look for this year’s ABS-CBN Ball, revealing that they had multiple options before they came up with their sartorial selection.

Read on and discover the creative process they undertook to curate Daniel’s outfit, where every aspect, from the suit to accessories, received the actor’s personal touch.

The inspiration

Ryan Viloria assisting the actor with his look

From the get-go, Ryan said that the 28-year-old actor had a clear vision: to combine style with an element of surprise. The stylist shared that it was DJ’s personal choice to weave his fascination with Japanese culture into the night’s black tie theme. The result? A sophisticated suit topped off with a sleek kimono jacket—a choice he donned exclusively last night.

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Tailored to perfection

Daniel Padilla's wardrobe choices For the ABS-CBN Ball

He mentioned that they had an intricate process leading to the ultimate outfit choice. When it came to the suit, they explored different avenues, considering the actor’s focus on fit. Surprisingly, no specific designer was involved; each piece was tailored to Daniel’s liking. Ryan also revealed that they crafted two vests, two blazers, and four pants before the actor nailed down his final decision the night before the ball.

Turning our spotlight to the kimono, Viloria revealed that four distinct options and multiple fabrics were put to the test before DJ made his pick. The artist’s attention to detail shone through, ensuring the chosen piece perfectly embodied his style. Unquestionably, their choice of Jacquard fabric set the actor apart.

Daniel Padilla's accessories For the ABS-CBN Ball

He also shared that Daniel is clearly a gentleman who knows the power of accessorizing, disclosing that he was particular about every stylish statement he adorned himself with. From the necktie to his choice of shoes and even the earrings he wore last night, DJ took pride in making every selection his very own.

The stylist’s notes

Video: RYAN VILORIA (via Instagram)

As we wrap up, Ryan leaves us with three valuable insights from working alongside the actor—lessons every man can apply when suiting up for formal occasions. First, maintain a clear vision and be unapologetic when expressing your personal style. Second, embrace the power of collaboration. Crafting a look, even one as intricate as theirs, became seamless because DJ was open to working closely with the team. Lastly, dare to be unconventional. He closed our conversation by saying that Daniel sets out an example that it is always better to set your own style trend rather than conforming to the crowd.


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