Here’s a Recap of Dauntless: The BYS Fashion Week 2023 Afterparty

Here’s a Recap of Dauntless: The BYS Fashion Week 2023 Afterparty


Celebrating the culmination of inventive talent and innovative style, Dauntless: The BYS Fashion Week 2023 Afterparty showcased rebel street style with utter beauty and fearlessness

The BYS Fashion Week 2023 was a four-day affair that every fashion creative and enthusiast watched out for. From the models and their beauty looks to the designers and their diverse collection, the show was a visual feast. 

Filipino talents championed the very essence of individuality with love, passion, and dedication. As such, a call for celebration was in order on the show’s last day, October 8. Presented by MEGA, Dauntless: The BYS Fashion Week 2023 Afterparty honored creatives and artists from various industries at Revel at The Palace, BGC, Taguig. 

Creative Chris Nick and Samantha Panlilio
Artist and designer Chris Nick with one of his angels, Miss Grand Philippines 2021 Samantha Panlilio

Making a statement

Constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, designers, ANTONINA, RAFA WORLDWIDE, Randolf Clothing, Neric Beltran, Chris Nick, Vin Orias, Cheetah Rivera, and Vania Romoff brought their ideas to life through the intersection of beauty and fashion.

The show featured bold fashion influences, beautiful reflections of personal stories and intense emotions, sleepy diners, modern wedding ensembles, the multifaceted nature of women, and more.  

BYS Cosmetics is an Australian brand that came to the Philippines 11 years ago. Last year, to celebrate their 10th year anniversary and seal their decade-long legacy in the beauty industry, the brand held the very first BYS Fashion Week, which aimed to showcase Filipino brilliance through a collection of freedom that breaks boundaries. Now this year, they furthered their agenda to infuse makeup into the world of Philippine fashion by mounting an even bigger BYS Fashion week with the theme: “The Filipino Palette: Same Same But Different.”

“This is a brand that connects with its diverse, discerning audience. This year’s celebration is a soaring tribute to that,” said Angie Goyena, president of iFace, Inc.

Further making a statement through fashion, guests came in an all-black rebel street style. Artists, models, content creators, and creative teams embodied their unshackled spirits, refusing to adhere to expectations or conform to the status quo with cut-outs, leathers, mesh tops, and rhinestone-embellished dresses.

Christine Samson in her rebel rhinestone-embedded dress
Christine Samson looks stunning in her rhinestone-embedded slim silhouette dress
Mags Ford in rebel dress
With a black blazer cover-up and a satin emerald long dress, Mags Ford is ready for the night
Kirsten Gonzales in rebel street style
Kirsten Gonzales dares to be bold with her denim coordinates paired with a leather jacket and thigh-high boots
Gabbie Mariano and Justin Soriano in all-black rebel street style
Gabbie Mariano and Justin Soriano look effortlessly cool in their all-black fits

At the MEGA and BYS Philippines’ photo wall, the distinct and dauntless highlighted diversity in their ensemble and fierce looks. 

The luxurious nightclub and lounge served as the perfect stomping grounds for the crowd. Exciting the audience was DJ Alan Segui, a Manila-based photographer, who played catchy and upbeat songs from Doja Cat, Tyla, and Dua Lipa that brought a lot of energy to the floor. 

A celebration of courage

As the drinks freely flowed, hearty conversations followed. With the arrival of more than 100 personalities, One Mega Group’s Head of Publishing and Marketing, Ms. Janine Recto, took the stage to welcome all the attendees officially. 

“The past four days have brought us an amazing display of Filipino talent,” she remarked. “I would like to honor and congratulate our long-time partners and friends at BYS: Mr. William Ng, Mr. Tony Chua, and Ms. Iyn Reyes.”

Ms. Recto also extended her congratulations to those who made the event possible. Thrilled to be part of this partnership for the past two years, MEGA Magazine looks forward to the coming years of BYS Fashion Week. 

“Tonight is a celebration of courage—the courage to break the boundaries in fashion and and the courage to choose to be yourself. These are the same qualities that mark today’s MEGA woman. This night is for everyone that has contributed to celebrating and elevating Filipino fashion,” the Head of Publishing and Marketing imparted before giving the floor to BYS Creative Director Mr. John Lozano. 

Mr. Lozano expressed his deepest gratitude to all who came and supported the show. “It’s been a rollercoaster ride,” he said, laughing at someone who cried out his name. “Not just for me, but for the team behind the BYS Fashion Week.” 

Sharing a quick story in front of the large group gathering, he said, “The night before fashion week, I gave a pep talk to my team. I told them that all the hardships we went through, at the end of it all, will be worth it.”

What he said was true. As he witnessed his team having the best time of their lives after all their hard work, he did not doubt that they gave their best. He also thanked the designers, adding, “BYS Fashion Week wouldn’t be BYS Fashion Week without the talent of all these designers.”

Creative designers, ANTONINA, and Neric Beltran, ANTONINA, and Neric Beltran celebrating the success of the four-day affair

To him, BYS Fashion Week was also a beacon of celebrating creativity and Philippine fashion, and he was more than grateful to the beauty brand for giving him and everyone else the opportunity to be a part of it. This end of speech garnered him a big round of applause as cheers filled the room—a great way to cap off the fashion week.

As creatives, they were unafraid to explore the ever-changing human nature and the world surrounding them. Dauntless in spirit, they’ve braved life’s rough edges, and in one electrifying party, they got to let loose, have fun, and dance the night away. 

Special thanks to Destileria Barako.

Find out more about the BYS Fashion Week 2023 by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and website.

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