A Day In The Life Of Extraordinail CEO Veronica Resurreccion

A Day In The Life Of Extraordinail CEO Veronica Resurreccion


“It was actually my husband’s idea for me to start Extraordinail,” beams Veronica Resurreccion, CEO of Extraordinail Salon & Skin Care. “I used to spend a lot on my nails and he felt that it was time for me to start a business out of it.” With that, came their first branch in Greenhills four years ago. From a humble 54 square meter space, her business has blossomed into a number of branches years later, with a newly-opened location in BGC. Since then, it has successfully grown to be one of the top choices of beauty enthusiasts and celebrities such as Heart Evangelista-Escudero, who has later on become part of the business, opening their latest BGC branch with Veronica.
When it comes to her business, Veronica is very hands-on: “I spend most of my time visiting our various branches, closely checking up on the work of my staff and managing all our social media platforms. Doing something different everyday helps me come up with new nail ideas.” One can say that the fresh-faced beauty is very innovative indeed—on the day of her shoot, she walked into the studio with a rather striking French tip, long and bejeweled with an assortment of Swarovski crystals in addition to the signature white stripe.

CEO Veronica Resurreccion
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While Veronica’s nails are often often bold and intricately ornamented, it is interesting to learn that her skincare and makeup routine is quite simple. “I only use sunblock and collagen with whitening cream,” she tells us. Her minimal approach seems to be working, as her skin is naturally radiant even without makeup on.
Her signature makeup look, on the other hand, is something that she likes to describe as “comfortable,” with powder and eyebrow pencil as her trusted staples. On days when she has to appear a little dressier, she still likes that no-makeup makeup look: “I just try to add a little more blush for that natural glow.”
Veronica appears to be in tip-top shape, and she credits her figure to working out every other day. She starts at 6 AM, as sweating it out in the morning is one way she likes to start her day. When it comes to her diet, she reveals that she isn’t so strict, going as far as exclaiming, “I love carbs! It helps get me through the day.” To her, life truly is all about balance.

CEO Veronica Resurreccion
Since starting her business, Veronica shares that Extraordinail has taught her many things, opening up her perspective on beauty. “I learned that even the smallest details can make a difference,” she starts, “No matter how small of a detail it is, it can already make a huge statement. And I’m not just talking about our nails.”
Some of us on the team were lucky enough to try Extraordinail’s services ourselves, and it was agreed upon that the smallest details make for a luxurious pampering experience—from their comfortable ambiance to their well-trained manicurists. Take their own 76-color gel nail polish line, for example, which Veronica slaved over for around eight months just to get the perfect formula she wanted.  “I had to go back and forth to Japan for months for that formula! One reason why I decided to push through with our own line was because I wanted to see strong pigment in one coat, not for it to take three coats” she says. That trial and error period was worth it—light enough to be mistaken for regular nail lacquer, their long-lasting polish definitely does wonders.

Veronica Resurreccion
When it comes to her beauty philosophy, Veronica leaves us with some words of wisdom: “Just like when it comes to our nails, our lives require time, attention and a little more effort in order for it to be extraordinary.”

As seen on MEGA Magazine June 2018.

By Marella Ricketts
Photography Rxandy Capinpin
Sittings Editor Trina Epilepsia Boutain
Makeup Patrick Alcober
Hair Boggie Diaz
Styling Katrina Sieglinde

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